Talents, Gifts, Passion, Knowledge and Wisdom

Talents, Gifts, Passion, Knowledge and Wisdom

When passion, talent, gifts, wisdom and knowledge align – fireworks happen.

All of these items are different, and some people have the whole enchilada. I say that, because God doesn’t want you to throw Him a bone, He wants the whole enchilada.

Talent is expertise in method, technique and approach. Talent is God-given.
Gifts also come from God. Paul mentions 18 or so in his texts. We must discover and develop our gifts.
Passion = Talents + Gifts
Knowledge = Information
Wisdom is the proper use of knowledge to achieve a worthy result.

Here’s the thing, gifts and talents should never be used solely for ourselves

“Talent is God-given.
Be humble.
Fame is man-given.
Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given.
Be careful.”
– UCLA Basketball Coach John Wodden