The Burned-Out Worship Leader

The Burned-Out Worship Leader

 To the volunteer musicians and worship leaders reading this, I would just like to say….

Thank you for serving the people of God faithfully.
Thank you for carefully choosing songs and for singing like there’s no tomorrow.
Thank you for the endless hours of research and practice.
Thank you for caring about your church and for giving your time to lift up His glorious name.

I know you may not feel appreciated.
I know that you may feel overwhelmed.
I know that you may receive more complaints than compliments.
I know there are people who call your beautiful instrument the devil’s instrument, and refer to your worship as “happy clappy” or as “7-11” songs.

The stress of ministry can be tremendous. This is a cross to bear.

But know that you are making a difference!
You are not simply an entertainer or a “warm-up” to the message.
You are pointing people to Jesus.
The Holy Spirit is wonderfully using you to create an environment where lives are being transformed.
You are raising up other musicians and worshipers around you.
You are making disciples.
You do this simply by example.
The Spirit is alive and well in you.

You are pleasing to God.
He loves your voice, your musicianship, your professionalism and your songs.
He loves your dedication and your prayers that no one else sees.
He loves to hear your voice.
He knows your heart.

While others may not notice or see all that you do,
God certainly does.
This is the beauty. This is the goal. This is your calling. This is your life. These are your gifts. This is your worship offering.

Don’t give up.
Don’t give in to burn out.
Don’t allow frustration to overwhelm you.
The work you are doing is vitally and critically important.
The work you are doing is necessary.
The work you are doing is appreciated.

Bottom line…
You have been called by God and we need you to lead us.


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  1. This is a great reminder! All of the hard work that goes into practicing and performing is 100% worth it if even only one new person hears the Gospel message! It can even strengthen your faith as a performer without you even realizing it!


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