Summer Psalms

Summer Psalms Make Me Feel Fine

I will be offering a new additional weekly post during the upcoming summer months.   The post will be released every Friday morning.  The focus of each post will be to offer a contemporary song to be used with the Psalm of the Day.  My plan is to release the posts two weeks prior to worship. This should be enough time for your musicians to practice.

Feel free to implement and use these songs in whatever way that works best for you.  A few ideas:

  • Sung by your choir, accompanied by piano
  • Sung by your praise band either in place of the Psalm of the Day or before or after the usual Psalm of the Day.
  • Played as a backdrop during the responsive reading of the Psalm, then sung by the congregation at rest points between the readings (this is how my church does it). It is similar in format to the “Rites” that have been added to our “Christian Worship Supplement” – if you are familiar with those.*

*This will be easiest to implement if you have a CCLI license that allows you to copy lead sheets for the congregation. Keep in mind that CCLI does not cover the copying of piano arrangements.

For WELS and ELS churches only – if you are interested in trying this out, email me at “sjbrown58 “at”” and I will also provide sheet music if it happens to be freely distributed music.

Where applicable, I will also provide the responsive readings integrated with music if we have sung these songs with Psalms in the past at my church. Be advised that we use the “Best of the Best in Contemporary Praise and Worship” songbooks so most of these songs will be from that source.

Certain weeks will feature congregational friendly music, which is always my preference, but there may be some weeks where the best song choice is complex enough to require a band-type offering. I will also offer several song suggestions whenever possible so that your Pastor and musicians can have a choice.

I will start this new series this Friday. Please leave a comment if you have any other ideas or suggestions. I would also like to get a feel for the number of people interested in trying this.

If there is interest, the series will run from May 30 through August 29.