“Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of your faithful people, and kindle in us the fire of your love. Alleluia!”

There is a Holy Spirit inside me. 
I know, I can sense Him. 
  • He inspires me. 
  • He is the fire within who likes to fan the flames and not be quenched. 
  • He is trying to make me holy. 
  • He gifted me for spiritual service. 
  • He illuminates the word for me.
  • He improves my muddled prayers.

Sometimes I fear that I am quenching the Spirit with my lack of faith. 
And sometimes I think that others are quenching the Spirit in me.  

Scripture simply says:
“Do not quench the Spirit.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:19
The word “quench” means to extinguish, to stifle or to retard.

I quench the Spirit when I am bitter and angry, when I cease to pray, when I am not worshipful, and when I do not trust God.

You can quench the spirit in me through legalism and persecution. I have experienced both but this Holy Spirit in me, He’s tenacious. He’s still burning inside. He warms my heart. He helps me to overcome persecution and the legalism that surrounds me. He is awesome. I am not.

This post is a reminder to be mindful of the Holy Spirit inside you, and also to be careful not to quench the spirit in others because some people are much more fragile than I.

In closing, I love the Spirit inside me. I cannot believe that he desires to reside in me.

The Ember
By Bob Brown

“Fires can’t be made with dead embers.”
If the ember rises,
Up to the sky,
Away from the fire,
It will flicker and die.
But if that ember,
Dances a lot,
Within the flames,
It will stay hot.
And if the Christians,
In pride, rises high,
Like the ember,
He too, will die.
The Spirit is there,
To warm and inspire,
So embers stay,
Within the fire