Seated Above, Looking Below

This is an exciting day for me because today’s post announces the release of my brother’s first book titled “Seated Above, Looking Below.”


My brother’s name is Bob and he is a fellow believer who enjoys writing poetry about life in general, about nature, and about his faith.  I have helped him with this book as he has helped me with the writing of many of the poems that you have seen over the years on this BLOG.


Here are two samples of his latest poems (the first being allegorical):


The Turtle and I


I came across a turtle
Upon an old dirt road
And so I lifted him up
To ease, his heavy load


But he hissed and he paddled
And he bit the air like hell
In his ignorance, unawares
That I only meant him well


So I placed him near the pond
In a very gentle way
And in his panic-driven fear
He quickly paddled away


I guess I’m a “higher power”
But my love, he just couldn’t see
He just wanted to escape
And do what comes naturally



A Rustle in the Leaves


I heard a “Rustle” in the leaves
An eye-raising peaceful sound
Could it have been an elusive rabbit
Or a snake along the ground


Or maybe it was only the wind
Just giving a seasonal sigh
Through the long dead autumn leaves
Now crisp and brown and dry


Or maybe it was just a squirrel
As he hurries and scurries along
Gathering quickly all of his acorns
Before the winters long


Or maybe it was, a little chipmunk
Or a grackle or a crow
In the forest, I heard a “rustle”
What it was, I don’t really know


Bob’s book contains about 200 original poems and is currently available in Kindle format at this link:


Seated Above, Looking Below


It will also be available in the future in paperback.


Bob is offering the E-book at a special introductory rate of 99 cents (less than the price of a cup of McDonald’s coffee). The price will go up to $2.99 in about a week.

In honor of this significant event, I will post one of his poems for each day this week. 

©2014 Robert A. Brown