Summer is the Time

Summer is the Time
by Bobby Brown

Summer is the time for lemonade
Sunshine, breezes, and refreshing shade
Bushels of clouds, like ships in view
Sailing against those skies of blue

Summer is the time for peaceful breezes
Poppies, milkweed, pollen and sneezes
Lilac bushes and sunflowers tall
And vines of ivy against the wall

Summer is the time for empty schools
Baseball in parks and splashing in pools
Fishing, swimming, chasing bees
Catching frogs and climbing trees

Summer is the time for tennis with dad
Scratching a poem upon a pad
Matinee movies in the afternoon
And walking with God long past June

Summer is the time for fields and flowers
Ancient paths and lazy hours
Country roads and forests of wood
Deeper thoughts and all things good

Summer is the time for the fourth of July
America, freedom and apple pie
Bombs a bursting with beautiful light
A celebration into the night

Summer is the time for garden shows
Plants growing in well planted rows
Buttercups, violets, blueberry vines
Swaying pine trees and dandelion wines

Summer is the time we love so much
Tee shirts, sunglasses, flip flops and such
Longer days, and the song of birds
Silence golden, that needs no words

Summer is the time for ocean’s sea
The beaches, the sands, the feeling of free
The salty air, the horizon, the haze
The sound of waves, those wonderful days

Summer is the time to steal away
And really enjoy each new day
The farmer’s market a fruitful flare
Celebrate Holyoke, the festival, the fair

Summer is the time for campfires bright
And beautiful stars that fill each night
The sound of crickets and bullfrogs far
And fireflies to complement each distant star

Seated Above, Looking Below