Here’s what brings joy:

Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last

The order is important.

“Joy” is elusive because we tend to reverse it. Ourselves first and Jesus last. We spell the word YOJ. It just doesn’t work. Actually Jesus put us first. He put you first and himself last. This is the Gospel, this is the death on the cross.

Joy is all about Jesus.

Christianity begins with Jesus,
the trail eventually ends with Jesus,
and everybody, one day, must answer to Jesus.

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Here’s the greatest joy,
knowing beyond any shadow of doubt
that every single one of your sins,
even your secret ones,
even the ones you have not committed yet,
even the ones that you are most shameful for,
are completely and absolutely forgiven,
and that all of your accumulated guilt is removed,
and that you are washed squeaky clean in the eyes of your maker.

That’s what Jesus came to do.
You first – Himself last.
He wants you to have joy.
Not power, not prestige, not money.
Unending joy!

(The “JOY” acronym is attributed to RC Sproul)

Jesus didn’t come to earth to build a kingdom. He brought one with Him.

He is the kingdom. He is the entry point.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.” – Matthew 3:2


Jesus is nearer than you think.
He was one of us.
He knows you inside and out.
Every thought, every quirk, every breathe, every hair, every detail of your life.
Jesus is with you.
Don’t ever forget that!


Jesus not only has a word for you, He is the word.