The Sensory Prayer

Inspired by a sermon based on Job 7:1-7 as presented in the book titled “In Their Sandals” written by Pastor Rob Guenther.

Lord, give me eyes for the blind,
Who, once were impaired, but now will see.

Feet for the lame,
So that together, we may run, and not grow weary.

A voice for the mute,
To sing for joy when you put a new song in our mouths.

An ear for the deaf,
So that he who has an ear, may hear your Word for the first time.

Hands for the crippled,
So that we may become the hands and feet of God.


Deaf and Dumb
By Steve & Bob Brown
(Ref. Mark 7:33)
He came to the Sea of Galilee
Where He would often teach
And they brought him one who was deaf
With an impediment in his speech

Jesus then took the man aside
And calmed his many fears
He spit, then touched the man’s tongue
Then He put His fingers in the man’s ears

He next looked up into the heavens
And He offered a silent prayer
Always knowing in His heart of hearts
That His Father was always there

The multitudes were again “astonished”
For He made the deaf to hear
He made the dumb to talk
As He brought God always near

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