The Gift of Music

The Gift of Music

Good musicians say that it is not the notes but the pauses between the notes that make music.

Our God just pours out blessings upon blessings on us believers through His gracious gift of music. We need to use it wisely to His glory. Just pause for a moment and think about how great music really is.

To take the gift of music and use it for the reason God gave it to us is nothing short of miraculous, no matter how simple or how elaborate the offering is, how new or old it is and whether it is accompanied by one instrument or one hundred. As long as it proclaims truth and comes from a heart of praise, our singing delights the heart of God. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Musician

• The Holy Spirit fills the heart of the musician to the point of overflow.

• Filled musicians will easily find the “pocket” of the song.

• A good musician is humble, with a heart longing after God’s.

• A good musician does not want to be on a platform. They desire the opposite; to be made “less of” so that God may increase. They understand that if you don’t have a hunger for the things of God, then you must be full of yourself.

• A good musician will not only lead a congregation in worship, their actions will command it. Being filled with the Spirit, they will engage you to sing, to praise, to pray, to feel the music and to listen with your heart. People will want to join in and sing.

The Lyrics

• Good lyrics embrace me. Like a rare earth magnet, they can pull you into the song.

• Good lyrics are memorable. They are truthful, Christ-centered, gospel-focused, bursting with grace, filled with scriptural language and remind us of hope. I recently heard the word hope described as this acronym: “Hold On, Pain Ends.”

• Good lyrics become part of your vocabulary.

• Good lyrics stimulate your emotions, especially longing to be with God

The Music

• Music is a symphony of harmonies blending together around a melody and being carried by a groove that diffuses into your heart.

• A good melody is easy to sing and as memorable as Yankee Doodle Dandy. It is enjoyable. It adds strength to the lyrics. It matches the mood and feeling of the worship.

• A good beat gets your foot tapping; even the most stoic Lutheran.

The Test

You’ll know when you have heard a good song, offered by a gifted musician who understands the source of the gift, with finely honed truth-filled lyrics and a beat that drives the message into your melon – it’s the song that you’ve chosen for your funeral! My guess is that it’s hymn.



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