Boston Strong!
Physical strength.
Mental strength.
Emotional strength.
Soul strength.
Creative strength.
Behavioral strength.
Unique strength.
Heart strength.
Mind strength.
Character strength.

Lord, as I age over the decades, my talents may lessen, my skills may diminish, my resources can change or be lost, but I ask You for help to focus so that my character strengths will soar for your glory.
God, bless this, I pray.

A fifty something worship leader.

I am told that people are like trees: the shadow of the tree is reputation, the fruit of the tree is personality, but the roots of the tree are the most important – character!


One thought on “Strength”

  1. So true Steve. Thanks for the reminder. It is much needed as my carpal tunnel threatens to flair up, as my energy level doesn’t seem to extend long enough to cover work, family, home, and worship preparation each day. I have to remember who provides the strength and whom I serve.

    Have a blessed day.


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