Walking With God

Walking With God

God wants us to lack nothing
Like Adam and Eve in the lush, abundant garden
But this wasn’t enough
Not for Adam
Not for Eve
Not for you nor me
We want more.

Adam and Eve walked with God
Except for one dreadful day
For me, it’s every day
Because I push Him away.

I proudly hone my skills
And I ask God for proof
I desire junk
He wants to give of Himself
Which is everything!

If you walk with God you have the greatest source of knowledge
Of love
Of strength
Of peace
Of hope
Of joy
Of companionship.

So draw near to God
He is already near to you
He is closer than your breath
He is nearer than your dearest friend.

The benefits of walking with God far outweigh the risks
You are walking with the One who is all knowing
You walk the valley of death with Him who sees it merely as a shadow
He is leading you somewhere
Step by miraculous step
Somewhere incredible.

Your life is a journey
It begins with Jesus
It ends with Jesus
And the Holy Spirit is in between
Like a Holy sandwich.

He is leading you home
Your eternal home
That’s what your life is about!
Walk with God.

Circulate with Him.

He will guide
He will show you the way.
Walk with God.


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