This poem was inspired by a Pastor friend who was praying for my family during some rough times. He was praying for “resilience.”

Now, I pray for him…

Resilience, what an awesome word
Like a tender flower climbing through pavement
Breaking through it’s would be tomb-like enslavement
Have you not yet heard?

Resilience, this is what we need
To become healthy and physically strong
It’s found in God’s loving arms; where we belong
In Christ, we are freed.

Resilience, we have it in Christ
As the great potter molds the pliable clay
It’s wonderfully bolstered as people pray
Oh! What sacrifice!

Resilience, it’s there to be found
In His mighty kingdom, where we are heirs
So tap into the ultimate one who cares
God’s blessings abound.


Poetic Prayer for Comfort, Healing and Rest
– Inspired by Matthew 11:28-30

In times of weakness and in an hour of need,
Yours is the strength on which we feed.
The shoulder we long to rest upon,
And the feet we lay our troubles on.
You, are all that we need.

You offer rest to the weary and food to the needy.
You comfort your people, who gather under the steeple.
You are gentle and humble; you are there when we stumble.
You heal my disease and fill all my needs.
Only to you, do I fall to my knees,
With hope that my worship will please,
the One whose love for me will never cease.