Biblical Heros

Biblical Heroes

The bible is for real.
Real people.
Real stories.
Real truths.
Real events.
Real history

The stories are better than any movie you will watch and better than any other book you will read.

However, there is one big difference.  The men and women mentioned in the bible aren’t heroes.

You’ve heard the list of hucksters.
David was a sinner.
Elijah, a coward
Abraham, a Liar.
Jacob, a deceiver.
Noah had drinking problems.
Paul was a murderer.
Thomas doubted.
Peter rejected.
The list goes on and on.

But God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

None of the so-called biblical heroes are real heroes.
None were capable enough.
None were worthy enough.
None were courageous enough.
They were just ordinary sinners like you and me.

What they did have was a way to tap into the extraordinary power of the living God.
There is only one true hero in the bible and that is Jesus.
So if you want to put yourself in the place of a hero, imitate Jesus.
Jesus is the only one with real power.
Jesus had no phone, no Internet, no Facebook, no home, no money to speak of, no email, no blogs and no “how to ” books.
He only travelled about 100 miles from his home base.
His ministry lasted only three years.
His only writing was scribbled in sand.
We only have one or two of his preached sermons.
All he had were twelve friends who came with lots of baggage.

So what did these ragtag men and women have in common?
The answer is “faith.”
That is the only common thread that ties this cast of misfits together.
And that is what you need too.

Faith will propel you to share the Gospel.
Faith will also help the Holy Spirit to dwell with you.