Lifestyle Worship – The Book

“Lifestyle Worship” – The Book!

I am very excited to announce the release of my book titled “LifestyleLifestyle Worship Cover Worship – Poems, Prayers & Ministry Resources.”

The book contains the very best of “Worship Ideas You Can Use” together with the stories and inspiration behind the writings as well as lots of new material. This book has been six grace-filled years in the making.

I have heard that a writer only writes one pure book, and it’s always his or her first. I can tell you that this book is written from my heart.

In the book you will read:
– the story of my “calling”
– a special poem I wrote for my Pastor,
– prayers for friends and family
– inspirational pieces written as a result of conversations with some of you!

You can read a few excerpts and learn more about the book here:

Lifestyle Worship: Poems, Prayers & Ministry Resources

The E-book is being introduced at a special rate of $0.99! The paperback version should be available in a few weeks!


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