The New Song

The New Song

Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. – Psalm 33:3
That’s my mission statement as a worship leader!

Sing A New Song
I was brought up in the Catholic Church – singing hymn after hymn. By and large, many of the same great hymns that I sing today in the Lutheran Church.

God’s Blueprint
But God had a different blueprint for my life. It turns out that there is more to church music than hymns from a bygone era. A lot more. There is freshness, there is creativity and more importantly, there is something referred to as “a new song” in scripture. Honestly, when I sing the newer songs, I do not feel the deep emotions that I get from the great hymns of faith, but, and it’s a big but, something else comes alive in me and I just know in my very core that I need more of it.

A New Song?
To me a “new song” is something that I have never experienced before. In the context of worship, most well written new songs have a magnetic pull on me, like a Tesla coil. Something gets into my bones. It’s like I’ve ditched some baggage that had been holding me back for decades. I feel connected to something larger than myself, larger than my denomination, even larger than the church at large. I’m quite sure that it is the Holy Spirit himself. God has been faithful to guard this little spark of faith in me and to fan it into a flame of faith, happiness and confidence. Ten years later and it’s still flickering in me. No, it’s raging. I am now singing to God in a way that is authentic to me. Amen to that! It’s who He created me to be. I am enamored with the idea of expressing my worship in as a true a form as possible to that which I am.

Speak to Me!
The first time that I sang this newer music I knew that I had encountered God in a very special way. I was home. On every level; personal, spiritual, emotional, and musical. I had come alive and I knew that things would never be the same. God speaks to me through this music. He touched me through the very notion of contemporary music. A new expression of worship was rising up within me. God had inspired me to become a better worshipper by singing a new song to Him.

Copyright (c)2015
My faith seems so real when I sing contemporary music that I can feel it between my fingertips. I was once told by a Pastor that singing “a new song” has nothing to do with music; it is in fact the Gospel. With all do respect, I am sorry but this just can not be correct. The word “song” implies music, because there is no such thing as a song without music. A “song” without “music” is a poem at best and dribble at worse. It is probably one of the furthest things from the Gospel. Let’s face it, a “new song” is a new song. This isn’t rocket science. It’s music. It’s a song written today for today’s generation and God wants this to continue with every generation. Don’t let it stop at your local church. Use a song this year copyright 2015. I think this is important to us all. The onus is on this generation to write the next “Amazing Grace.”

Sing a new song,
To Him who sits on,
Heaven’s mercy seat!
– Jennie Riddle


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