The Top Five Reasons for Rejecting Some of Today’s Music

I do not reject any contemporary song for the sole reason of it being “too light.” If I did, I would also have to reject the singing of Psalm 117 and cringe at what the angels are singing in heaven. Sorry, I am not about to do that!

But there are some good reasons to reject some of the Christian songs coming out today. Perhaps what I am about to say is only for my denomination based on it’s doctrines, but I don’t think so. Every Christian should take heed.

Here are the main reasons why I reject certain songs coming our today:
  1. The focus is on man, and our actions rather than on Christ, God the Father or the Holy Spirit. There are too many songs about us worshiping, us bowing down, us loving, us praising, us lifting, us singing, us, us, us, me, me, I, I … You get the picture. Some of this is fine but the song must also include the reason for our actions. Incredibly, too many songs fail this test!
  2. The next big one is what I would call “decision theology.” This is where we have the wherewithal to accept Jesus on our own, without acknowledging that He loved us first and that He chose us first. He is the initiator. I am very leery of songs that even use the word “choose or accept” in their lyrics unless it’s Jesus doing the choosing or accepting.
  3. There are huge denominational differences on the Sacraments. You need to be very careful on Communion and Baptism themed songs. Run these all by your Pastor before even giving them a blink of your eye.
  4. Watch for legalism. It’s in the lyrics. Stuff we have to do to gain eternal life as opposed to what Jesus has already done on our behalf.
  5. Watch for lyrics that can easily be misinterpreted. One that always gets my Lutheran ears ringing is actually a line in the Athanasian Creed that says: “Those who have done good will enter eternal life, but those who have done evil will go into eternal fire.” I’ve heard this one rightly explained but it takes lots of backpedaling. My advice – avoid similar notions in your song selections.
These are the big 5. There are others, but I find that most contemporary writers shy away from deep theological and doctrinal statements in their music that would limit their acceptance in Christendom.

All that being said, there is a plethora of incredible new music being released every day!

3 thoughts on “The Top Five Reasons for Rejecting Some of Today’s Music”

  1. I am a 70 year old retired man. I play Fingerstyle guitar privately in my home as part of my worship life. I do not consider myself a musician, but a simple country style picker, and I do about twelve comfortable chord variations and open chords. I have written and revised about 20 country ballads and hymns over the past two years, and in further editing have reduced them to the best 8 songs. I also play a few gospel songs and old time hymns. In my view, lyrics are essential, and must be supported by a good melody and chords, but what I have seen in many newer contemporary Christian music today are lots of loud riffs, repetitious or downright bad lyrics, and poor theology. Although a Christian song can speak about coming to Christ and the great things He has done in our lives, it is not about is Jesus where we must focus. Since many songs today are so loud and energetic, most of the lyrics are difficult to hear anyway, and thus the message becomes secondary to the bass beat and the electronic riffs. Perhaps, most of the younger Christian performers really want to be rock stars in their hearts, but work in the Christian music genre and adopt the rock star style to attract other young listeners. I am just expressing a point of view. Some of the music is probably very good, but being older and set in my stubborn ways, I cannot accept all of the newer trends.


  2. 3) Denominational music – I don’t think I can agree with that one. This week being the week of prayer for Chrisitian Unity – bringing in piece of music would help us to understand other denominations and help us realise we aren’t all that different.


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