I Will Lead More than a Song

I Will Lead More than a Song

I will lead more than a song
More than a Psalm or two
I will encourage the people to sing along
This is what a worship leader should do

I will sing more than a hymn
I will praise and pray
Deep from my soul within
From this earthen vessel of mired clay

I will strum more than a chord
Living for Jesus, day by day
Lifting our voices in one accord
And for my Pastor, I will pray

I will reach for ever higher notes
For the gospel, I am not ashamed
For Christ, in Him alone do I boast
He overcame; Worthy to proclaim

When you sing, you will find a blessing. God will not judge you if you sing poorly because He knows your heart and that’s what matters most to Him. Singing is the voice of your heart. If you can’t sing well, consider it an opportunity for humility. You will never be ostracized for a lack of skill when it comes to singing.