A Lutheran’s Take on Emotions

Traditional Lutherans are not robots. We have emotions, BUT…
  • Emotions will never save or damn
  • Emotions are not a reliable indicator of saving faith or it’s intensity
  • Emotions do not necessarily indicate the validity of an action or statement
  • The content of a message and it’s validity rather than the emotion of a message is always much, much, much more valuable and important
The Take Away!
Emotions aren’t good or bad in and of themselves; as a matter of fact Jesus, who is love, was emotional as noted in scripture’s shortest verse – “He wept” and in countless other places.  Our worship is often emotional. We experience joy and sorrow, we weep and we joyously celebrate. But these are natural and personal reactions to the beauty, and the wonder, and the power, and the agony, and the grief, and the awe that we hear and experience in God’s word and through His grace and mercy towards us. Emotions are in fact a gift from God. They make life interesting. They separate us from insects.  But like most good things, they too can also be manipulated or mis-interpreted, so we need to be careful.


Just saying, and with feeling!

One thought on “A Lutheran’s Take on Emotions”

  1. Emotions are the things we have to live with each day. I see emotions in varying degrees at work in the people close to me and in those I have known. It seems that the more petulant people who make most of their decisions based on impulses, feelings, and passion are the more fragile, more easily hurt, disappointed and surprised. God knows our frames of mind and how people differ emotionally. I think we can live with our emotions, but we must retain a sober and self controlled outlook, and pray for wisdom.


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