Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday
by Bobby Brown

The multitudes went before Jesus
On that triumphant entry’s day
Many laid down their garments
Others spread branches in Jesus’ way

For Behold! Here comes the King
Riding on a donkey, into the town
Meek and lowly of heart
Yet the multitudes would all bow down

Hosanna! To God in the highest
For sending to earth His Son
The miracle worker, the Prince of Peace
The coming King, the Anointed One

And Sunday during our church service
We give our palm branch a wave
To our invisible God and Lord
For His entry and His ability to save

©2015, Robert A. Brown, Seated Above, Looking Below – Used with Permission
This poem is from a new book that Bob is currently working on and hopes to have released by the summer.  Feel free to use the poem in your Palm Sunday worship.