The Story of One Authors Method of Outreach

The Story of One Author’s Method of Outreach

My brother follows the Dave Ramsey school of finances – which means among other things; no credit cards.  So for the third time Bob asked me to order another case of 24 of his books of Christian poetry.   I finally asked why.   “What are you doing with all these books?”

Bob is a social worker holding down two jobs.  In the course of his day he sees lots of challenged, troubled and broken people, many of whom do not know their Savior.  You guessed it, Bob has been handing out copies of his book to his clients and employers.  It’s his way of sharing his faith and the good news of saving grace that only Jesus can bring.  With the gift of his book, Bob is offering a hope and an introduction to the most important thing in his life – His savior Jesus Christ.

Paying it Forward
There’s one more thing. The cover of Bob’s book depicts a wooded scene. This a photo of his favorite place to walk, and he does so almost daily. Every now and then Bob has been leaving a copy of his book at the entrance to this facility and as he exits, he looks to see if anyone has taken it – which is his hope.

I pray that the Holy Spirit uses Bob’s unique outreach to do miraculous things.  I pray that numerous lives are saved and that non-believers are converted into believers.

Seated Above, the Journey Continues…
Bob has a big heart and has just finished book #2 and my guess is that he is doing this so that he can give more books away to the people that need it most.  This is his ministry and his calling and I applaud his humble efforts.

If you read Bob’s first book, you might have been asking yourself “What in world is he doing with all these poems about the months, the seasons, the holidays and the weather?” I know that I did. But Bob had a method in mind. You see, he was writing for an unchurched audience and he did not want to scare people away with his faith but wanted to slowly move the reader into his myriad of poems that I think illuminate the scriptures beautifully.

I am pleased and excited to announce that his second book has just been released in E-Book format. The paperback will soon follow.  It’s a deeper book than the first and is titled: “Seated Above, the Journey Continues -The Deep Calls to the Deep.” His two books are now tied together into a series.

Buy Book #2 and Get Book #1 Free!
The new E-Book is being introduced at $2.99 but to celebrate this event, the first E-Book in the series is being offered for free but you need to act quickly as this is only in effect for today only.  As always, a review on Amazon is greatly appreciated!

Link to Preview Bob’s Newest Book: 
Bob’s New Book

Link to Download Book #1 for Free:
Download Book #1 for Free

Link to Bob’s Amazon Page to see both books:
Bob’s Author Page


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