Why You Should Polish Your Guitar

A Polished Act

One of the things that I usually do before accompanying worship is to polish my guitar.  I do this for several reasons:

  • I want my instrument to look it’s best for my Lord in the same way that I dress myself in nice clothes for worship.  This is a reflection of my commitment, my reverence and my passion towards my Lord.  Polishing the guitar removes all the fingerprints and smudges of life.  It’s like I am starting worship anew.
  • I polish not only the body but also the back of the neck.  This actually helps your fretting hand to move more easily and quickly over the fretboard.  In real hot and sticky weather I have also added a little baby powder to my hands.
  • I lightly polish the strings as well for both lubricity and because it eliminates “string noise” during worship.  There is a product specially made for strings called “Fast Fret”, I have tried this, it works, but in my opinion polish (like Steinway’s spray) works just as well and is cheaper.

Let’s make our music the best it can be!  Please forward this to your base guitarist, cello, violin and viola players as well!


“The music of the strings makes you (God) glad.” – Psalm 45:8



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