Thoughts on Christian Concerts and Musical Style

Attending a Christian concert can be a really good time and an uplifting experience but it is not meant to be a replacement for attending a church worship service because we need to be participants and not just spectators.

As a church musician, my goal is not to copy what I hear at a concert because I am not there to entertain, I am there to serve and it’s a huge difference. The most important piece is not the sound quality or how well I play my instrument; it’s how people are being fed God’s truths and given the opportunity to join in praise as we sing together. And for this reason, no one really cares if I make a mistake. In fact, the people in the pews are like family to me. They are not supposed to be musical critics. They are worshipers.

But we are sinners and that means that we sometimes get critical even to the point of deciding what style and what instruments God prefers. I often wonder if God really cares much about musical styles because styles come and go like the wind. I am however sure that He cares about the hearts of those that make and those that sing the music. It is after all music that gives us a language and a vocabulary of engagement with God that is pleasing and beautiful.

In the end, we are all servants united by a common purpose and we are not defined or divided by style.


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