Pastor’s Wives

Pastor’s Wives

Pastor’s wives have a blessed ministry all their own
So much they do, so much unknown
They are mighty prayer warriors at heart
Supporting their church using their gifted art

Pastor’s wives are under scrutiny for sure
The clothes they wear must be demure
They teach and they follow, they encourage and clean
They lead and support; on them, their husbands do lean

Pastor’s wives listen and leap to respond when asked
They turn the other cheek when oft surpassed
She is of noble character, rubies compare
Her husband’s long hours, they willingly bear

The Pastor has confidence in her no doubt
The loving pair, both devout
She works with tired but eager hands
Pleasing her Lord and following His plans

The Pastor’s wife prepares food for her kin
A full time job, a mother, a ministry, a wife; where to begin?
She is clothed in dignity and might
Humbly having a heart contrite ❤ ❤ ❤


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