Good Morning!

Am I a morning person?  This time of year I wake up in darkness, I leave the house at sunrise, and I get home from work at sunset.  That being said, I am a child of God and this changes everything.  This morning, before work, I walked down to the end of my driveway and gazed at the sunrise and the “tree skeletons” in complete silence.  I thought to myself, that’s God’s handiwork, but I still miss the leaves.  What is God going to do today?  How will the Holy Spirit inspire me today?  How will God use me? What will He teach me today?  How will He bless this day?  How will He use me to bless someone else?  The possibilities are limitless because God is limitless.

Sunrise on Mountain Road
Sunrise on Mountain Road

A few weeks ago I was in Columbus Ohio attending a conference and there’s this front desk guy named Clifford at the Downtown Hampton Inn and Suites that was unforgettable.  If you’ve been to this hotel – you undoubtedly know Clifford.  He’s this big teddy bear guy who gushes with Jesus’ love every second you see him.  He greeted me each morning saying “Good morning Steve – Jesus loves you today!” and “seize the day Steven, God made it!”  He only knew my name because I was wearing a name tag around my neck for the conference.  My first morning while eating breakfast, I heard someone singing the Psalms rather loudly.  Yes, it was Clifford singing “in the morning I will sing, I will sing glad songs of praise, I will sing glad songs of praise to You” loud enough for the entire first floor to hear and probably also woke a few people up. Fortunately, he had a nice singing voice.  Clifford didn’t care that he lives and works in a secular world. I watched as many people looked perplexed at Clifford’s bubbly morning routine.  They didn’t know how to relate to his joy and his exuberant love for his savior.  I could.  To me, this was the Holy Spirit making himself known in a powerful and memorable way.  I actually miss Clifford.  God put him into my life if but for a few days.

I thank God for today.  I thank him for Clifford and how Clifford made me think about Jesus while traveling away from home and my routine.  I thank God for the sunrise, the sunset, the food that I will enjoy today, the air that I breathe, the people that I will connect with, for my family and friends, for you, for whatever things that happen to me today and for whatever thoughts that cross my mind.  God is in control of everything.  Don’t you love that?

So good morning to you!  God loves you today!  God is doing something today that includes you in it!  So seize this day and smile, it is contagious and a great outreach tool.


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  1. Love your beautiful road Steve! And I love our amazing God and all the people that he puts into our life while here on earth. Thank you for your writings.


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