11 Reasons Why Dudes Don’t Do Church

The Reasons Why Lots of Dudes Don’t Go to Church

  1. Dudes cringe at the thought of other guys expressing love for Jesus.  To which I say, “get over it dude, Christ died for you too and if you don’t call that love, what is love?”
  2. Dudes think that the church is full of hypocrites.  To which I say, that’s right, self included.  The church is bursting with sinners and hypocrites.  The fact is, that’s the reason that we are in church.  Christ died for hypocrites too.  
  3. Dudes would rather watch football, or golf, or hunt, or do anything but sing and praise on a Sunday.  To which I say, “multiple services dude.  Go on a week night then.”
  4. Dudes call religion “crap.”  They tell me “I can’t believe that you actually believe that crap.”  To which I say, “you will too one day.  Guaranteed.  I just hope it’s not too late when you finally do.”
  5. Dudes say they work too hard for their money and they are not about to give it to the church.  To which I say, “so come anyway.  Don’t give.  Give it time, your boulder-like heart will soften once you see the light.”
  6. Dudes say they want to party late on Saturday night.  To which I say, “multiple services dude, go on a week night or the later Sunday service.”
  7. Dudes say that church is boring and irrelevant. To which I say, “try another church dude.”
  8. Dudes call other guys who go to church passive, effeminate, henpecked, peace loving, meek and mild. To which I say, “stop stereotyping dude; some are, millions aren’t.”
  9. Dudes say that the messages and ministries cater to women and the elderly. To which I say, “that’s because a lot of you dudes don’t attend church. Take a stance dude and start a revolution.”
  10. Men want risk, adventure and challenge, churches offer safe, predictable, stable comfort, and nurturing atmospheres. To which I say, “tell that to the missionaries who are being persecuted dude.”
  11. Churches cater to women with flowers on the altar and a Downton Abby decor. To which I say, “who cares dude, those things don’t matter.”