The Lyrics Reflect the Way that I Speak

When you finally get to heaven and see Jesus face-to-face will you speak in beautiful old hymn-like poetry to Him or will you simply just say in your own words something like “Jesus I am so thankful to you for giving your life for mine? I am overwhelmed and overjoyed to be in your presence and I love you with everything I am. I have been waiting my entire life for this moment” For me, I’ll use something like the latter because those are my own words. It would be equally wonderful to recite a favorite hymn verse to Him as well, it’s just not me.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, I do love hymns, but this is THE reason why I also like contemporary music. They put my praise and worship into my vernacular. The lyrics in these songs reflect the way that I speak.

Please don’t fault me for this. I am your brother in Christ and we worship side-by-side in perfect fellowship to our great God using mutually beautiful styles of music that brings a smile to our Lord’s face.


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