The “in” in “Sin”

The “in” in “sin“.

Yes, it’s part of the word sin.  What we struggle with most seems to be inwardly focused.

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Adultery starts on the inside, in our hearts and minds.
  • Murder also starts on the inside.
  • Jealousy, inside
  • Pride, inside
  • Idolatry inside
  • Hate, inside
  • Lust, inside
  • Prejudice, inside
  • Anger, inside
  • Greed, inside
  • Worrying, inside
  • Revenge, inside

In our hearts, in our heads, in our mouths, in our deeds; sin starts in us.

We need help on the inside, we need to let the Holy Spirit work on us from the inside.  For us believers, He’s already in there anyway.  This is the reason why we pray in church that the Holy Spirit transforms and renews our hearts and our minds.  This is such an important prayer because it leads us to repentance.

You can spot people who have an outward focus can’t you?  They are kind, compassionate, considerate, generous, caring, loving, forgiving, patient – as a matter of fact they tend to act like Jesus and they use their gifts of the Spirit in so doing.  Incredible how this all comes together isn’t it?

Let me share this prayer with you which is a gem of traditional worship:

Lord God, grant us your Holy Spirit that we may hear and believe your Word.  Cleanse our minds and renew our hearts that we may live for you here and hereafter; through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen. (Christian Worship, Evening Prayer, page 56)