The Wasserkirche Butterfly

There is a church in Zurich Switzerland called the Wasserkirche.  Even if you don’t speak German, you can probably guess that this translates to “Water Church.”  It is an interesting name to an equally interesting place.

This church started construction in the 10th century but was not completed until 1486.  At some point in it’s spotted history it actually was a place for cult gatherings.  In fact, during the Reformation it was seen as a “house of idolatry.”  In 1634 it was converted into a public library.  Finally in 1940 it was renovated and converted back into a place for Christian worship; back to it’s roots.

Today, an enormous butterfly hangs from it’s rafters.  What an odd item to adorn a church sanctuary.  Or is it?

Several years ago I wrote a poem called “The Butterfly” because to me it symbolized transformation.  The metamorphosis that occurs when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly is nothing short of miraculous.  It shows God’s amazing power to transform.  So this church has been totally transformed.   It has gone full circle from a place of worship, to a place of idolatry, to a place of learning and finally back to a place of Christian worship.  The butterfly is a symbol of this amazing transformation that only a great God can bring.