Seeing God in Creation

Look at the simplest flower 🌻, there is just such elegant beauty there. The vivid color combinations, the intricate edges, the complex textures, the petals, the patterns, the stamen, the pollen, the filament, the anther, the lobes, the connective, the microsporangium, the gametophyte, even the androecium; the list is endless. Can you imagine how this flower 🌺 would come to life under a microscope 🔬? It would be breathtaking. To quote Chris Tomlin you would get “lost in wonder.” Turn the flower over and notice that even the underside is exquisite.

Now look at man’s finest garment, say the most expensive, glorious garment hand stitched for a king. Look at it under the microscope 🔬 . What do you see? My guess is that it looks like burlap. Turn the garment inside out, what does it look 👀 like? A mess? Yes, of course it does with all those loose threads and unfinished edges.

How can anyone look 👀 at a flower 🌺 and not see the hand of an incredible creator? How is this ever possible? I don’t get it.


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