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I Leave You

I Leave You

Jesus has left the premises
But He will return
In the meantime, He has left us with a gift.

I leave you with patience
and kindness
and faithfulness
I leave you with gentleness
I leave you with the truth…
…Care for it.
I leave you with hope
with love
with peace
with joy
with self control
with mercy
with grace
with guidance
with harmony
with music
with prayer
with gifts
with restoration
with forgiveness.

You are beautiful to me.
I love you.

I leave you blessed
I leave you with a promise
I leave you with the Word
I leave you with the gift of eternal life
I leave you with protection
I leave you in good hands
I leave you with the Spirit
I leave you filled with the Spirit
I leave you with wisdom
with understanding
with wonder and awe
with knowledge
with courage
with reverence
I leave you with power
I leave you with the Gospel
I leave you with gospel power
I leave you with healing
I leave you with freedoms
I leave you with beauty all around you
I leave you as one that I love
I leave you as a friend

Take Heart! We shall meet again!


Contemporary Song Choices for Ascension

Contemporary Song Choices for Ascension

Col 3:1-4:
“Knowing You” by Graham Kendrick
Eph 4:7-16:
“Building On The Promise of Tomorrow” by  Michael Schmid (free at

Acts 1:1-11:
“Glorious” by Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown (free at

Ex 14:31-41:
“I Can Do Anything in Christ” by Michael Schmid (free at

Psalm 47:
1. “Awesome is The Lord Most High” by Chris Tomlin and Jon Abel
2. “Awesome in This Place” by Dave Billington
3. “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Chris Tomlin
4. “Let God Arise” by Chris Tomlin

Eph 1:16-23:
1. “The Scandal of Grace” by Hillsong United (reviewed at link to Strong Worship Songs)
2. “Open Our Eyes Lord” by Robert Cull

Rev 19:11-16:
“Remain” by Ben Cantelon
“Worthy is the Lamb”, traditional music by William Bradbury, lyrics by Jeff Nelson
“Crown Him with Many Crowns” by George Elvey and Mathew Bridges
“Arise, King of Kings” by Eoghan Heaslip
“Glory to God Forever” by Steve Fee and Vicki Beeching