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A Song Writing Contest

A song writing contest…

… like none other;
… to write new music about Baptism and the Lord’s Supper for the church’s use;
… Fifteen finalists,
… Fifteen biblically sound and contemporary pieces,

And the winner is…
… the church!

You can view the music and hear MP3 files at this link:
Some of my favorite lyrical excerpts:

“Washed in a flood of selfless love.  Freedom in Christ, called from death to life.”
– “Bread of Life” (K. Huston)

“Father’s calling.  Spirit falling.  Cleansed beneath the river of His love.”
“Heaven’s Story” (G. DeMuth)

“A beautiful man, broken with our own hands.  A beautiful God went to the cross to set us free.”
“His Own” (D. Frincke)

“Lord, as grains of wheat from the fields, and as grapes from fruitful vineyards, so are we.  Gathered here as one, gathered in Your Son, make us one in You.”
“Make Us One in You” (M. Schmid)

“Father and Spirit, and Son, bring us together as one.  Drawing us near with your presence here.  A foretaste of your feast to come. “

“A taste of true fellowship with saints of the past.  Our hope for the future, and joy that will last.”

“A Taste of Your Presence” (K. Beultmann)

Please be aware that the lead sheets are available to download for review purposes but they are copyrighted and marked to prohibit further copying.  If you find a song that you really like, then I would recommend that you contact the writer and they might give you the permission to copy the lead sheets especially if you have a CCLI agreement in place.