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In Remembrance of Him

In Remembrance of Him…

I pray (and you can too):

Father, I need help to devote my life, in remembrance of Him who gave His life for mine.

I need help to forgive others, in remembrance of Him who forgave me over 77 times/day.

I need help to give to the poor, in remembrance of Him who gave everything.

I need help to be kind, in remembrance of Him who healed the broken-hearted.

I need help to be patient, in remembrance of Him who always gave me a second chance.

I need to love, in remembrance of Him who first loved me.

I need help to be generous, in remembrance of Him who is continuously gracious to me.

I need help to pray more, in remembrance of Him who even prayed for those who were murdering Him.

I need help to be more humble, in remembrance of Him who washed others feet.

I need help to control my mouth, especially gossiping, in remembrance of Him who paid a price for my sins.

I need help in being merciful, in remembrance of Him who offers mercy when I do not deserve such grace.

I need help to be more sympathetic, in remembrance of Him who cares.

I need help to be compassionate, in remembrance of Him who shows compassion towards me.

I even need help to control my thoughts, in remembrance of Him who taught me where my sins originate.


These are what I need to think of as I partake of the Lord’s Supper, in remembrance of Him.


We can and should strive to do all these things in remembrance of Him whose name is Jesus.  He is our motivation, our example, our mentor, our guide, our friend, our confidante, our healer, our teacher, our comforter, as well as our King, Savior, Redeemer, Lord and Messiah.


And lest I forget, I also need help to remember Him as my role model for life.


Father, I pray all these things, in remembrance of Him, your Son, the one who saves, Jesus.


May the Holy Spirit use these words to change my life, in remembrance of Him.




“Christ is God, crying I am here!” – Philip Yancy

A Communion Thought

A Communion Thought

The next time that you approach the Lord’s table, and the Pastor says: “This is Christ’s body given for you…”  insert these words in your mind as they apply to you:

This is Christ’s body given for me…;

for my gossiping
for my lust
for my greed
for my pride
for my lack of interest
for my selfishness
for my belligerence
for my idolatry
for my hatred
for my coveting
for my laziness
for my jealousy

… so that I might become pure, and that my sins would be washed clean and removed as far as the east is from the west.

Something marvelous is happening in that Supper.  I hope that you all can experience it and enjoy it with your fellow believers.

A Song Writing Contest

A song writing contest…

… like none other;
… to write new music about Baptism and the Lord’s Supper for the church’s use;
… Fifteen finalists,
… Fifteen biblically sound and contemporary pieces,

And the winner is…
… the church!

You can view the music and hear MP3 files at this link:
Some of my favorite lyrical excerpts:

“Washed in a flood of selfless love.  Freedom in Christ, called from death to life.”
– “Bread of Life” (K. Huston)

“Father’s calling.  Spirit falling.  Cleansed beneath the river of His love.”
“Heaven’s Story” (G. DeMuth)

“A beautiful man, broken with our own hands.  A beautiful God went to the cross to set us free.”
“His Own” (D. Frincke)

“Lord, as grains of wheat from the fields, and as grapes from fruitful vineyards, so are we.  Gathered here as one, gathered in Your Son, make us one in You.”
“Make Us One in You” (M. Schmid)

“Father and Spirit, and Son, bring us together as one.  Drawing us near with your presence here.  A foretaste of your feast to come. “

“A taste of true fellowship with saints of the past.  Our hope for the future, and joy that will last.”

“A Taste of Your Presence” (K. Beultmann)

Please be aware that the lead sheets are available to download for review purposes but they are copyrighted and marked to prohibit further copying.  If you find a song that you really like, then I would recommend that you contact the writer and they might give you the permission to copy the lead sheets especially if you have a CCLI agreement in place.

Broken and Poured Out – free MP3

Broken and Poured Out – free MP3

In the past I had written a piece on the Bueltmann’s band known as “Sibling Harmony.”  The write-up focused on a song called “Broken and Poured Out”; a song about the Lord’s Supper and it’s meaning in our lives.  You can now get your own copy of the song for free at (scroll down to the bottom row of the table) at the following website:

This song is a must have for your musical library for several reasons; it’s biblical, it’s singable in a corporate setting, the music is well suited to the lyrics and it’s subject matter is a sacrament (Communion); but my favorite reason is that the song includes a spoken scripture reading buried into the lyrics which is something that you don’t find very often.  As a matter of fact, my MP3 player is loaded with Christian music and the only other song that I own that includes a scripture reading is Jennie Riddle’s “Revelation Song” where Don Moen reads from Rev 4, so this is indeed a unique feature.

“Broken and Poured Out” is closely based on Matthew 26:26-29, Mark 14:22-24, Luke 22:14-20 and 1 Corinthians 10:16-17; 11:23-29.

You can read a thorough review of the song at the following blogsite:

As an added bonus, Sibling Harmony is offering three free downloads of their latest CD for the first three readers of this blog post who visit and use one of the following codes:


At the very bottom of the page; click on:  “Redeem Download Cards” then type in one of the codes above (or use copy and paste).  Each code is good for only one download, so the first three people will get the song files.  You will have to register to receive the music but CDBaby will not ask for a credit card.

I’m told that a lead sheet will also be available for download at their webiste in the near future (

Nice job Sibling Harmony and thanks for sharing your music.

Broken and Poured Out

Broken and Poured Out

The following video is a re-enactment of the Last Supper recorded at Peace Lutheran Church in St Louis.  The music in the background is performed by a band known as “Sibling Harmony.”   I met a few members of the band through this BLOG and was impressed by their biblically based lyrics, beautiful harmonies and catchy tunes.    This particular song is called “Broken and Poured Out” and is a great song about the Lord’s Supper.  I especially like the time taken during the song to read a few important scripture passages.

You can learn more about the band “Sibling Harmony” here:

The lyrics for “Broken and Poured Out” are available to view here: