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Enter This Temple

Enter This Temple

On Wednesday night I got together with our keyboard player to rehearse Sunday’s music.  One of the song’s we attempted was “Enter This Temple” by Leeland.  While I attempted to sing through it, I was struck by how there were some notes that were way too low for me and others that were way too high.  I mean really beyond my reach.  Then it dawned on me that one guy sings this song on the original recording.  We do plan to use this song during the Offering on Sunday but our keyboard player will have to sing certain parts that I can’t reach, then I’ll sing the other parts.  This is what I call a humbling experience.  When I got home after the practice, I looked up the song on Youtube and was struck by how young this kid is that has this range.

I chose this song because last Sunday we spent a bit of time on God’s presence.  In Philippians chapter 4 we heard the line “the Lord is near.”  It was powerful enough to carry into this week, so I felt compelled to sing about it again.

Here’s an explanation of the song:

And here’s the studio version with some nice graphics (and it sounds a lot better!):