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English: Christian Recording Artist Lincoln Brewster plays at the Creation Music Festival Northeast June 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a Christian, a music lover, and as a guitarist; I’ve always enjoyed Lincoln Brewster’s music, especially his guitaring capabilities and his mix. I recently came across some facts about his past on BOSS’s website which I am excerpting here:

He’s one of Christian Music’s most inspiring new-generation talents, but Lincoln Brewster’s rise to global recognition began in the pop mainstream over a decade ago. Barely in his twenties, Brewster — a gifted guitarist/singer/songwriter living in Modesto, California — was thrust into the pop spotlight by Steve Perry, the legendary pop singer from the band Journey.

“I’d made some instrumental guitar home demos,” Lincoln tells us, “and I gave a copy of the tape to Randy Jackson (of American Idol), who was the vice-president of A&R at Columbia at the time. Randy gave the tape to Steve Perry, and Steve called me at home. It was surreal … he had my tape playing in the background, and said he really liked my music. He offered to get together, so I came down to LA.” The two clicked, and Lincoln went on to collaborate with Steve on his solo album For the Love of Strange Medicine. He also joined Perry as guitarist on the subsequent world tour. “I feel like it was one of those things that was part of the preparation for what I’m doing now,” says Lincoln . “I had no idea at the time, but it paved a lot of ground for me.”

Today, Lincoln is spreading a musical message of joy and hope through his landmark Contemporary Christian recordings, as well as his high-energy live performances.

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