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Contemporary Music for the Advent Season

Contemporary Music for the Advent Season

Finding good contemporary Advent music is not easy.  For some reason it is not a popular topic for today’s song writers.  These are a few songs that I have found and used in the past.

Advent Songs

Song Title Writer
A Baby Will Come Bill Wolf
All to Us Chris Tomlin
Behold the Lamb of God Shaun Starbuck
Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)  Amy Grant
Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) Chris Tomlin
Everlasting God Brenton Brown
Meet with Me Lamont Hiebert
My Soul in Stillness Waits Marty Haugen
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Aaron Shust and David Crowder have great versions of this hymn
Prepare Ye the Way Michael W Smith
Shout of the King Matt Maher
Waiting Here for You Chris Tomlin, Martin Smith

Most of the above songs are available for download at any of the following sites:

Contemporary Advent Worship Music

Contemporary Advent Worship Music

The voice that’s crying out, out in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord, prepare the way for Him. Let heaven open up and glory fill the sky. This is the Son of God, we sing and testify. So behold the lamb of God, behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

Are these lyrics from an old Lutheran hymn written over 300 years ago, or lyrics written by a relatively unknown Independent artist written a few months ago? If you guessed the Lutheran hymn; you’d be wrong. I am so pleased to see these meaty, rich, lyrics coming out of the contemporary church that are actually starting to recognize the importance of the church calendar and writing about more than just praise for God – a worthy topic no doubt, but there is indeed so much more about God that we need to hear about, to learn about, and to give thanks and praise for. Songs like this make my job of choosing new music for a justifiably skeptical Pastor just too easy.

The above quoted lyrics are from a musician/Pastor named Shawn Starbuck who has written a new Advent tune called “Behold the Lamb of God.”.

You can hear the full song here:

You can get a copy of the chord sheets here:

This song is a must have for your Advent collection. Please consider passing this article onto your church musicians so that they can learn the piece for your church because the message contained in this piece is priceless. It’s a message that needs to be taught and needs to be proclaimed and music (with the help of the Holy Spirit) has the ability to drive this point home better than any other way that I know.

Please report your CCLI usage – the number for this piece is CCLI # 5548758

Lyrics excerpt courtesy of Shawn Strabuck © 2010

I have been asked by several readers if I’d list the songs that we are planning to use at our church on a monthly basis.  This might be of use to you, particularly if you are WELS or ELS (because the song choices will coincide with our Lectionary calendar) or for any church that follows the church calendar and if you are interested in pursuing some contemporary pieces.  In addition, the songs have been reviewed and approved by our team (includes Pastor, myself & the band) to be both lyrically sound and musically appealing.

So here’s our song list for Advent 3 (Dec 12 – Year A):

Pre-Service:  “A Baby Will Come” by Bill Wolf (band only)
Opening Song:  Advent Gathering Rite (Hymnal Supplement); this also includes the forgiveness/Absolution of sins
Psalm of the Day: Psalm 146 responsively with “Almighty” (BOB #6)
Hymn of the Day: “My Soul in Stillness Waits”; CW Hymnal Supplement, by Marty Haugen
Offertory: “Behold the Lamb of God” by Shaun Starbuck (band only)
Closing Song: “God Will Make a Way” by Don Moen (BOB #76)

Feel free to leave a comment concerning your set list or seasonal favorites.  I don’t care if it’s a hymn or a contemporary piece as we all have the same goal in mind.