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It’s Your Call, Don’t Waste It

It’s Your Call, Don’t waste it!
Your call is irreversible,
God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable – Romans 11:29
It is for Men and Women,
Therefore, my brothers and sisters, make every effort to confirm your calling and election. For if you do these things, you will never stumble. – 2 Peter 1:10 
Fix your thoughts on Jesus,
Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, whom we acknowledge as our apostle and high priest. – Hebrews 3:1
And live your life worthy of your call.
I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. – Ephesians 4:1 

His Eyes

What did the baby Jesus think when he first opened his beautiful eyes?  This was the inspiration behind the poem titled “His Eyes.”


His eyes first saw Mary
And her enlightened face
Then they looked at Joseph
And that primitive manger place

He’d grow to see the villages
Of Nazareth and Galilee
And yet He’d seen them before
Somewhere before; in eternity

His eyes would see the lilies
And the sparrows when they call
The mountains, seas and forests
For He created them all

He also saw the people
And came to set them free
And somehow in His foresight
His eyes, they looked at me.

©2014 Robert A. Brown, excerpted from “Seated Above, Looking Below”, Used with permission

You are encouraged to reprint this poem in your church bulletins or newsletters or set it to music!

Links to Bob’s Books of poetry:
1. Seated Above, Looking Below 
2.  The Deep Calls to the Deep

3. Spiritual Passion 

The Dilemma of Thanksgiving

Penned by my brother…

I simply adore these Thanksgiving days
And the mornings of silence, I remember
The peaceful quiet of everything being closed
As we gracefully end November

The warmth, the comfort of family and friends
That we don’t see much anymore
The feast, the football, the fellowship
Is also an aura, I adore

But what really seems to bother me
In these days of superficial living
Is how we only designate one single day
As a time to give God “Thanksgiving”

Every day we should always give thanks
But unfortunately it is our way
To really not even be thankful to God
Even on Thanksgiving Day

His point is clear.  We should be giving thanks to our great God more than once, or twice, or even 52 times a year.  It should be a daily routine for us.  An author in my denomination recently wrote a book titled “364 Days of Thanksgiving.”  I do recommend this book or any devotional book that encourages you to either read a devotional thought on a daily basis or lead you to think about God’s grace in your daily life.

Here is a link to Pastor Andrew Schroer’s book: 364 Days of Thanksgiving

Here is a link to my brother’s book: The Journey Continues

Iron Sharpens Iron

I Am Ironman!

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  – Proverbs 27:17

My brother, Bob Brown, has spent the past year working on his third book titled Spiritual Passion which is free today only in Kindle Ebook format.  

If you have read either of Bob’s first two books, no doubt, you sensed his struggle with organized religion.  Make no mistake, Bob has a command of scripture and a gift to explain God’s Word clearly and vividly through poetry but he has a deep hurt from some aspect of church life in his past that comes out when he writes.  In some respects, this is a good insight for pastors and us worship leaders to hear.  

I do recommend this book as an uplifting read that can be picked up and read in bite-sized chunks.  The book contains about 500 poems, about 1/3 dealing with scripture, church life, and faith.

A sample:
I can describe to you an ice cream cone
How tasty, how good, how sweet
But you will never experience it
Until like me, you eat
It’s the same when it comes to God
I’d describe him if I could
That which we have handled from the beginning
Oh taste and see, the lord is good
I can describe to you a mighty ocean
Its majesty, its grandeur, its grace
But you will never experience it
Until you allow it to splash your face
It’s the same when it comes to God
For in our churches, we only begin
There’s a difference between KNOWING ABOUT AND KNOWING
He needs to be experienced, deeply within
”Taste and see that the lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” – Psalm 34:8
Here are the links for the books if interested:

Spiritual Passion (Bob’s New Release): (free – today only!)
Seated Above (Bob’s First Book): (free)
The Journey Continues (Bob’s Second Book): ($0.99)
Lifestyle Worship (my book): (On sale for $0.99 this week)
The Ironmen

The Winds of Pentecost 

The winds roared through the room
All who were present heard
The followers were filled with the Spirit
Their hearts were stirred

Do you hear His voice in the wind?
Is He calling to you?
This Spirit who dwells among us
He still seeks a precious few

The winds of Pentecost are real
They blow with passion and fire
They inspire a certain zeal
A calling to which we aspire

He turned babble into understanding
As the ordinary people spoke anew
The languages once foreign and mixed
And God’s kingdom grew

As we enter the season of Pentecost
Of growth, passion and zeal
Feel the warmth of His Spirit
Inside you and incredibly real

For more poetry, You can view my book in both paperback and E-Book formats here: Lifestyle Worship Book

The Question that Never Goes Away

I enjoyed Philip Yancy’s book titled “Where is God When it Hurts?” There is actually a sequel to this book titled “The Question that Never Goes Away.” Of course the question that he is talking about is the subject of the first book.

I read this second book with great interest because he spends a few chapters dealing with the Newton, CT shootings which occurred in my home state. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the second book:

“Affliction is the best book in my library” – Martin Luther

Why do we continue to think that good and evil, pain and pleasure are doled out according to our merit, when the Book of Job teaches just the opposite?

I kept thinking of the verse in First John: ‘the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.’

The wealth of lament and protest in the Old Testament makes clear that we cannot count on God to intercede directly in human history, no matter how monstrous the injustice.

“I will fear no evil, for you are with me. . . .” God has come close. Those few words, “you are with me,” reveal the one thing we can count on in calamitous times.

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us,” wrote John in the prologue to his Gospel. In the face of suffering, words do not suffice. We need something more: the Word made flesh, actual living proof that God has not abandoned us. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer put it, “Only a suffering God can help.”

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.

From Jesus I learn that God is on the side of the sufferer. God entered the drama of human history as one of its characters, not with a display of omnipotence but in a most intimate and vulnerable way.

We go through suffering not alone, but with God at our side.

Christ’s suffering shatters the iron walls around individual human suffering,

God can make good use of suffering itself: “There is no pain, no suffering, no frustration, no disappointment that cannot be cured or taken up and used for higher ends.”

Jesus said he could have called on legions of angels to prevent the crucifixion. He did not. The redemptive way goes through pain, not around it.

To redeem a planet, Someone must die.

This is not the worst thing to ever happen! Cancer is so limited. It cannot cripple love, shatter hope, corrode faith, eat away peace, destroy confidence, kill friendship, shut out memories, silence courage, quench the Spirit or lessen the power of Jesus.

May God’s love spill out into your lives in unexpected ways

Life is on loan, and will return to the Lender.

Jesus did not eliminate evil; he revealed a God willing, at immense cost, to forgive it and to heal its damage.

Where is God when it hurts? God is now in the church, God’s delegated presence on earth.

One commentator worried that Newtown had forever “spoiled” Christmas, as Virginia Tech and Columbine had spoiled Easter. Perhaps—but only if you celebrate them merely as holidays rather than as real events.

Christianity doesn’t in any way lessen suffering. What it does is enable you to take it, to face it, to work through it, and eventually to convert it.

From Jesus I learn that God is on the side of the sufferer. God entered the drama of human history as one of its characters, not with a display of omnipotence but in a most intimate and vulnerable way

And my favorite quote from the book, when Philip Yancy was asked by a mother – “Will God protect my child”:

“No, I’m sorry, I can’t promise that.” None of us are exempt. We all die, some old, some tragically young. God provides support and solidarity, yes, but not protection—at least not the kind of protection we desperately long for. On this cursed planet, even God suffered the loss of a Son.”

If interested, you can get both books on Amazon in either paperback or E-Book formats. Here are the links:

Where is God When it Hurts:

The Question that Never Goes Away:

My book, “Lifestyle Worship”:

The Garden Prayer

God, please bless my soil and plants; that my soil will yield her strength.  I thank the Lord for the privilege of being a sower, the honor of being a tender, and the blessing of being a harvester.  Amen.

The Gardener 
by Bobby Brown, excerpted from “Seated Above, the Journey Continues”

There within the silent acres,
Between the burrowed rows
He’s scratching and he rakes,
He’s digging and he hoes

Early each summer’s morning
The sweat slides down his face
As he goes about his business
In this most sacred place

And the gardener has a quiet faith,
An enthusiasm and a mirth
For he loves to till the soil,
He loves the good green earth

And one day in the early autumn,
He’ll lay down that rake and hoe
For the harvest will be ready,
As the crops continue to grow…

“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that just crushed it.” – Mark Twain

A Favorite Chapter

I wrote this prayer based on a particular chapter in scripture. It is one of my favorite chapters.

Praise be to the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ,
You have blessed me in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.
You chose me in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.
In love you predestined me for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ,
You take pleasure in me.
You have given me redemption through his blood,
You have forgiven my sins.
You have lavished me with the riches of God’s grace.
Through you I have unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.
I am here for the praise of your glory.
You have marked me with a seal – the promised Holy Spirit.
You have given me a deposit guaranteeing my inheritance,
To the praise of your glory.


The question is, what chapter of scripture is this based on?  Reply if you know the answer and receive a FREE copy of my Kindle-version E-Book (first 3 correct repsonses)!