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His Eyes

What did the baby Jesus think when he first opened his beautiful eyes?  This was the inspiration behind the poem titled “His Eyes.”


His eyes first saw Mary
And her enlightened face
Then they looked at Joseph
And that primitive manger place

He’d grow to see the villages
Of Nazareth and Galilee
And yet He’d seen them before
Somewhere before; in eternity

His eyes would see the lilies
And the sparrows when they call
The mountains, seas and forests
For He created them all

He also saw the people
And came to set them free
And somehow in His foresight
His eyes, they looked at me.

©2014 Robert A. Brown, excerpted from “Seated Above, Looking Below”, Used with permission

You are encouraged to reprint this poem in your church bulletins or newsletters or set it to music!

Links to Bob’s Books of poetry:
1. Seated Above, Looking Below 
2.  The Deep Calls to the Deep

3. Spiritual Passion 

Iron Sharpens Iron

I Am Ironman!

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  – Proverbs 27:17

My brother, Bob Brown, has spent the past year working on his third book titled Spiritual Passion which is free today only in Kindle Ebook format.  

If you have read either of Bob’s first two books, no doubt, you sensed his struggle with organized religion.  Make no mistake, Bob has a command of scripture and a gift to explain God’s Word clearly and vividly through poetry but he has a deep hurt from some aspect of church life in his past that comes out when he writes.  In some respects, this is a good insight for pastors and us worship leaders to hear.  

I do recommend this book as an uplifting read that can be picked up and read in bite-sized chunks.  The book contains about 500 poems, about 1/3 dealing with scripture, church life, and faith.

A sample:
I can describe to you an ice cream cone
How tasty, how good, how sweet
But you will never experience it
Until like me, you eat
It’s the same when it comes to God
I’d describe him if I could
That which we have handled from the beginning
Oh taste and see, the lord is good
I can describe to you a mighty ocean
Its majesty, its grandeur, its grace
But you will never experience it
Until you allow it to splash your face
It’s the same when it comes to God
For in our churches, we only begin
There’s a difference between KNOWING ABOUT AND KNOWING
He needs to be experienced, deeply within
”Taste and see that the lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” – Psalm 34:8
Here are the links for the books if interested:

Spiritual Passion (Bob’s New Release): (free – today only!)
Seated Above (Bob’s First Book): (free)
The Journey Continues (Bob’s Second Book): ($0.99)
Lifestyle Worship (my book): (On sale for $0.99 this week)
The Ironmen

The Garden Prayer

God, please bless my soil and plants; that my soil will yield her strength.  I thank the Lord for the privilege of being a sower, the honor of being a tender, and the blessing of being a harvester.  Amen.

The Gardener 
by Bobby Brown, excerpted from “Seated Above, the Journey Continues”

There within the silent acres,
Between the burrowed rows
He’s scratching and he rakes,
He’s digging and he hoes

Early each summer’s morning
The sweat slides down his face
As he goes about his business
In this most sacred place

And the gardener has a quiet faith,
An enthusiasm and a mirth
For he loves to till the soil,
He loves the good green earth

And one day in the early autumn,
He’ll lay down that rake and hoe
For the harvest will be ready,
As the crops continue to grow…

“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that just crushed it.” – Mark Twain

Summer Reading

Lifestyle Worship by Steve Brown
Lifestyle Worship by Steve Brown
Quantity Discounts of the Book “Lifestyle Worship” are Available!

I am able to offer quantity discounts to you or your church if you are interested in using “Lifestyle Worship” for a book reading group, teen event, summer bible class, ladies group or something similar.  However, we will have to do things the old fashioned way since I am not set-up to sell merchandise from this website.  Three book titles are available as briefly described below:


This is my book and is based on the content offered on this website.  It is a devotional book about Christian worship.  The paperback version is 230 pages and is currently selling on Amazon for $10.95.

These are the discounted prices (includes shipping in the US and taxes):

Quantity            Price per Book      Savings

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31-40                          $7.75              31%
41+                             $7.50              33%


This is a book of poetry written by my brother.  The paperback is 138 pages and sells on Amazon for $6.99.  The book contains about 50% secular content and 50% Christian content based on scripture.  It is a light and easy read.

These are the discounted prices (includes shipping in the US and taxes):

Quantity            Price per Book       Savings

5-10                             $6.00              16%
11-20                           $5.75              20%
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31-40                           $5.25              27%
41+                              $5.00              30%


This is my brother’s second book but it is independent of the first book.  It is also a book of poetry but is predominantly based on scripture with about 30% being secular.  The paperback is 172 pages and sells on Amazon for $7.99.  It is also a light and easy read.

These are the discounted prices (includes shipping in the US and taxes):

Quantity           Price per Book       Savings

5-10                            $6.75              17%
11-20                          $6.50              20%
21-30                          $6.25              24%
31-40                          $6.00              27%
41+                             $5.75              30%

All of the books are printed in the USA and I should also state that these sale prices are not sponsored by either Amazon or CreateSpace (the printer).  I am buying the books as the author and passing the savings on to you directly.

If interested, contact me at sjbrown58(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Here’s how it would work: You would have to first send a check to me for the total.  Upon receipt of your check, I would place the order and it would be sent in one box to your provided address.

I can also work with you if you would like to preview the book(s) prior to committing.  I can offer free Kindle E-Book versions of the books for this purpose.  Otherwise, you would have to order one copy of the paperback from Amazon at the above mentioned prices but I will include one free paperback in your group order to compensate you for the preview copy.

I can also work with you on a group purchase of E-Books by dropping the price of any of the three books temporarily to $0.99.  Actually, as of this week, Bob has put both of his E-Books on sale for $0.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Lifestyle Worship Link
Seated Above Book 1 Link
Seated Above Book 2 Link

The Story of One Authors Method of Outreach

The Story of One Author’s Method of Outreach

My brother follows the Dave Ramsey school of finances – which means among other things; no credit cards.  So for the third time Bob asked me to order another case of 24 of his books of Christian poetry.   I finally asked why.   “What are you doing with all these books?”

Bob is a social worker holding down two jobs.  In the course of his day he sees lots of challenged, troubled and broken people, many of whom do not know their Savior.  You guessed it, Bob has been handing out copies of his book to his clients and employers.  It’s his way of sharing his faith and the good news of saving grace that only Jesus can bring.  With the gift of his book, Bob is offering a hope and an introduction to the most important thing in his life – His savior Jesus Christ.

Paying it Forward
There’s one more thing. The cover of Bob’s book depicts a wooded scene. This a photo of his favorite place to walk, and he does so almost daily. Every now and then Bob has been leaving a copy of his book at the entrance to this facility and as he exits, he looks to see if anyone has taken it – which is his hope.

I pray that the Holy Spirit uses Bob’s unique outreach to do miraculous things.  I pray that numerous lives are saved and that non-believers are converted into believers.

Seated Above, the Journey Continues…
Bob has a big heart and has just finished book #2 and my guess is that he is doing this so that he can give more books away to the people that need it most.  This is his ministry and his calling and I applaud his humble efforts.

If you read Bob’s first book, you might have been asking yourself “What in world is he doing with all these poems about the months, the seasons, the holidays and the weather?” I know that I did. But Bob had a method in mind. You see, he was writing for an unchurched audience and he did not want to scare people away with his faith but wanted to slowly move the reader into his myriad of poems that I think illuminate the scriptures beautifully.

I am pleased and excited to announce that his second book has just been released in E-Book format. The paperback will soon follow.  It’s a deeper book than the first and is titled: “Seated Above, the Journey Continues -The Deep Calls to the Deep.” His two books are now tied together into a series.

Buy Book #2 and Get Book #1 Free!
The new E-Book is being introduced at $2.99 but to celebrate this event, the first E-Book in the series is being offered for free but you need to act quickly as this is only in effect for today only.  As always, a review on Amazon is greatly appreciated!

Link to Preview Bob’s Newest Book: 
Bob’s New Book

Link to Download Book #1 for Free:
Download Book #1 for Free

Link to Bob’s Amazon Page to see both books:
Bob’s Author Page

To The Sun

by Bob Brown
This is one of my favorite poems from Bob’s upcoming book.
Come again and bring the spring
Make the birds and bards to sing
Come and bring your golden glow
Show the grasses, melt the snow

Bring an end to the dreary night
Loosen us, from winter’s blight
Bathe the land with heated sound
Make the flowers split the ground

Bring the bees and tiny things
That sail along on easy wings
Bring us warmth, bring us song
Make the rivers rush along

And with your might and your power
Bring us to a better hour
Spread your beauty across the sky
And make the poet’s pen to fly

Link tfor Seated Above, Looking Below

I Sense You

by Bob Brown

I sense you here this morning
As soft, as soft as breath
In quietness and in confidence
The One who conquers death

The deep calls unto the deep
So I’m still, and know He’s there
My meditation of Him is sweet
And it leads me into prayer

I sense you here this morning
So in silence, I now begin
To contemplate Your presence
By your Holy Spirit, within

And I’ll trust Him with all my heart
And acknowledge Him in all my way
And I hope to sense His presence
Throughout each blessed day

“This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it”  – Psalm 118:24


Bob’s First Book of Poetry

The Deep Calls unto the Deep 

by Bob Brown
“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls” ― Psalm 42:7a 
My cup, it steams with tea
My apartment is very still
The deep calls unto the deep
The depth, it is God’s will


My table is filled with books
My candle begins to glow
A beautiful quiet fills my kitchen
And inspiration begins to grow


My thoughts begin to lengthen
At the close of day
And outside my window
The sunset splits the grey


My peace begins to deepen
My tea is good to taste
And as I enter into solitude
I abandon my life of haste 


And since I’m seated above
I sense God’s inner powers
My tongue’s the pen of a skillful writer
These quiet, mystical hours


I labor with “His” energy
That powerfully works within
And after meditation and prayer
It’s time to now begin


In Christ, I am enriched
The tea, I savor to sip
And into the Living Waters
I now begin to dip


My God, He fills my mind
Just like the candle’s light
And as He fills my spirit
Again, I begin to write…


“In His presence is fullness of joy at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore”  – Psalm 16:11 

Link to preview Bob’s first book