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His Eyes

What did the baby Jesus think when he first opened his beautiful eyes?  This was the inspiration behind the poem titled “His Eyes.”


His eyes first saw Mary
And her enlightened face
Then they looked at Joseph
And that primitive manger place

He’d grow to see the villages
Of Nazareth and Galilee
And yet He’d seen them before
Somewhere before; in eternity

His eyes would see the lilies
And the sparrows when they call
The mountains, seas and forests
For He created them all

He also saw the people
And came to set them free
And somehow in His foresight
His eyes, they looked at me.

©2014 Robert A. Brown, excerpted from “Seated Above, Looking Below”, Used with permission

You are encouraged to reprint this poem in your church bulletins or newsletters or set it to music!

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The Dilemma of Thanksgiving

Penned by my brother…

I simply adore these Thanksgiving days
And the mornings of silence, I remember
The peaceful quiet of everything being closed
As we gracefully end November

The warmth, the comfort of family and friends
That we don’t see much anymore
The feast, the football, the fellowship
Is also an aura, I adore

But what really seems to bother me
In these days of superficial living
Is how we only designate one single day
As a time to give God “Thanksgiving”

Every day we should always give thanks
But unfortunately it is our way
To really not even be thankful to God
Even on Thanksgiving Day

His point is clear.  We should be giving thanks to our great God more than once, or twice, or even 52 times a year.  It should be a daily routine for us.  An author in my denomination recently wrote a book titled “364 Days of Thanksgiving.”  I do recommend this book or any devotional book that encourages you to either read a devotional thought on a daily basis or lead you to think about God’s grace in your daily life.

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