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Strong Worship Songs

Strong Worship Songs

There is a new BLOG whose objective is to identify music in the Contemporary Christian genre that are filled with biblical truths and are fit for use in today’s churches that recognize the inerrancy and importance of scripture. Further, the BLOG writer categorizes the songs by the church calendar to make it easier to find appropriate music and he also includes scriptural references for each song. The BLOG is about a  month old and only has a few songs, but with time I am sure that it will become a valuable resource for worship leaders and Pastors. You will find the BLOG at the following link:




Who are your pillars?  Every church has at least one.

Pillars are columns;
they are strong,
part of the temple.

Pillars are straight posts
and stanchions;
They can stand alone.

 Pillars are upright;
and vertical;
they offer support.

Pillars are champions
They are friends
they provide structure.

Pillars are people
living stones
built upon Christ, Our Rock.

“The pillars hold a spiritual family up and hold them together. They have a long history of faithfulness, and they rarely get what they deserve for their service.  One day, they will.  In the meantime, why wait?  Find the pillars in your church and tell them, “Thanks, we wouldn’t be the same without God’s blessing through you.” – Pastor Steve Soukup

Well done, good and faithful servant! – Mt 25:21

Scripture taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version, Copyright© 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of International Bible Society

Pastor Soukup is a missionary serving Grace Lutheran Church in Grenada.  He blogs at:

Blended Worship Resource

Blended Worship Resource


There is a new BLOG by a fellow WELS guitarist and on-line friend of mine named John Kehl.  John plays in a band known as “Joyful Noise” at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Appleton, WI and has been a dedicated reader, subscriber and commenter at my BLOG.  If you like the content of this BLOG, you will also enjoy what John is doing at “Blended Worship Resource.”  You can find his BLOG at this link:

God’s blessings on your website John!


A worship coordinator at ”Living Word Lutheran Church” in Waukesha, Wisconsin contacted me recently to share a WEB resource that he has been working on.  His band is called the “Heralds” and he has been building a library of music which is basically a collection of hymns from our Lutheran Hymnal (Christian Worship) that he has added Praise band accompaniment notation to, including guitar chords and some have bass guitar as well.  His library is large and still growing.  You will need some software known as “Finale” to read and print music from his site but this is a free download which you can get by following this link:

(choose “Finale Reader” as the product)


The website of new hymn arrangements can be found at this link:


Pastors – please consider sharing this BLOG post with your musicians; especially those “closet guitarists” who have not yet used their musical gifts to bring glory to His name.

More WELS Bloggers!

Welcome to the BLOG world, Pastor’s Strey & Cares.  I was made aware of your BLOGs thanks to a post from Pastor Jeremiah Gumm.  It’s great to see WELS presence growing on the WEB.  You have been added to my BLOG roll.

Here’s the links as well:

Pastor Gumm’s blog is at

God used the printing press in Luther’s day to help spread his message – today He may be using the WEB.