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God vs Satan

God Vs Satan

God, the Father of Lights
Creator of both the sun-filled days and the starry nights
Satan, the father of lies
Tempting us to sin and planning our demise

God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth
Starting this bountiful world’s glorious birth
Satan, the deceiver of death and destruction
Deviously planning our abduction and seduction

God, the Light of the World
Satan and his devious allies were once hurled
Satan, the stench of death
Trying to steal our very last breath

Jesus, the Redeemer ultimately wins
And the Holy Spirit will dwell within
Satan, sorry dude
You and your crude, lewd, brood are about to become spewed, poohed, shooed and unglued


Jesus Will Fix You

That one horrible sin that haunts you…
That one nagging sin that you keep perpetuating…
Those hurtful words that you wish you could take back…
That email that you should never have sent…
Take heart, Jesus can fix you.

The struggles in your life…
Always being bullied…
Betrayed by a close friend…
All of the unjust persecution…
Jesus is fixing you.

That chronic pain that you are suffering…
That diagnosis that crushed you…
Jesus will fix you.
One day, He will put all of your broken pieces back together.

Jesus is the ultimate healer.
Though your sins are red as scarlet they will be made white as snow.
As far as the east is from the west.
Jesus can, He is, and He will always fix you.

You are a fixer upper.
But one who is loved.

For more devotional writings, see Steve’s book here Lifestyle Worship

The Limited

We are so limited.  We have speed limits, spending limits, credit limits, some people shop at a place called “The Limited”, we even have Limited Liability Corporations (LLC). If they aren’t liable for the products that they put into people’s hands then who is?God is not like this. He is just so unlimited in everything He does!

Unlimited power
Unlimited sovereignty
Unlimited love
Unlimited might
Unlimited perception
Unlimited resources
Unlimited abilities
Unlimited grace
Unlimited wisdom
Unlimited care
Unlimited knowledge
Unlimited mercies

The list goes on and on.  It is in fact limitless.

I cannot wait to see “The Unlimited One” face-to-face, but in the meantime, I make the best of this limited world with my limited abilities.

Summer Reading

Lifestyle Worship by Steve Brown
Lifestyle Worship by Steve Brown
Quantity Discounts of the Book “Lifestyle Worship” are Available!

I am able to offer quantity discounts to you or your church if you are interested in using “Lifestyle Worship” for a book reading group, teen event, summer bible class, ladies group or something similar.  However, we will have to do things the old fashioned way since I am not set-up to sell merchandise from this website.  Three book titles are available as briefly described below:


This is my book and is based on the content offered on this website.  It is a devotional book about Christian worship.  The paperback version is 230 pages and is currently selling on Amazon for $10.95.

These are the discounted prices (includes shipping in the US and taxes):

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This is a book of poetry written by my brother.  The paperback is 138 pages and sells on Amazon for $6.99.  The book contains about 50% secular content and 50% Christian content based on scripture.  It is a light and easy read.

These are the discounted prices (includes shipping in the US and taxes):

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This is my brother’s second book but it is independent of the first book.  It is also a book of poetry but is predominantly based on scripture with about 30% being secular.  The paperback is 172 pages and sells on Amazon for $7.99.  It is also a light and easy read.

These are the discounted prices (includes shipping in the US and taxes):

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All of the books are printed in the USA and I should also state that these sale prices are not sponsored by either Amazon or CreateSpace (the printer).  I am buying the books as the author and passing the savings on to you directly.

If interested, contact me at sjbrown58(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Here’s how it would work: You would have to first send a check to me for the total.  Upon receipt of your check, I would place the order and it would be sent in one box to your provided address.

I can also work with you if you would like to preview the book(s) prior to committing.  I can offer free Kindle E-Book versions of the books for this purpose.  Otherwise, you would have to order one copy of the paperback from Amazon at the above mentioned prices but I will include one free paperback in your group order to compensate you for the preview copy.

I can also work with you on a group purchase of E-Books by dropping the price of any of the three books temporarily to $0.99.  Actually, as of this week, Bob has put both of his E-Books on sale for $0.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Lifestyle Worship Link
Seated Above Book 1 Link
Seated Above Book 2 Link

The Creative Writing Process for a Christian

The Creative Writing Process for a Christian


A few years ago a paper came across my desk.  It was a paper written by a Pastor who lives and serves a congregation about 3,000 miles from where I live.  But the world has become relatively flat and distance no longer seems to matter.  Somehow, the Holy Spirit saw to it that this particular paper be made known to me.  It was a paper about “Heaven.”


The paper was lengthy, so at first I just skimmed through it.  But the Spirit had other plans for this paper and for me as well.  The message contained in the paper started to affect me, to inspire me and to move me.  So I started to read it again, but in more depth.  It felt like God was talking to me through this Pastor’s writing.


I did not set out to make notes on the paper but I first found myself highlighting the sentences that struck a major chord with me.  Something was happening inside me.  The paper was stirring my heart to respond.  This is called worship because I was sensing God through it and I knew that I needed to glorify Him through this Pastor’s diligent work.


“What did the paper mean to me?  How could I encapsulate what I was feeling onto a blank sheet of paper?  How could I use this experience to tell others about my Savior and eternity in heaven with Him?”  These are the thoughts that started to flow through me.  So I started to write.  First in sentence form but eventually a metered form took over.  The lines were just falling into place like a train of carefully placed dominoes.  It took me hours to read through the paper, to cogitate on it, to pray over it, and to reflect on it’s meaning but in actuality, the poem came to me quickly as most truly inspired poems do. 


My favorite line in the poem? – of course it’s the one about “Isaiah” and if you are familiar with Isaiah 6 you will know why.


Here is the poem that I titled “Heaven, Really”


Shrouded in mystery
Anchored in history
Oh it’s heaven
A prepared place
For prepared people
The Son’s grace
The Father’s dwelling place.
The Spirit reveals
Here’s the deal:
It’s beauty,
It’s freedom,
It’s happiness,
It’s excitement,
It’s perfect,
Streets of gold
Before you enfold
it’s blessedness I am told
The Tree of Life is actually growing
The River of Life is actually flowing
Why all this unknowing?
Angels sing “holy, holy, holy is He”


A cloud of witnesses surround me
Unending joy and eternal pleasure will be.
For you,
For me.
No need for the sun.
Isaiah is no longer undone.
How old will we appear?
What will we look like?
And whom shall we fear?
Will we recognize one another?
Will we remember our mother,
a sister; a brother?
What will we do?
I’m thinking …
… No more sitting in a pew.
That’s Heaven!


In my book, I tried to introduce each of my poems with similar stories.  Why I wrote the piece, what was inspiring me at the time, what was I doing as I wrote the poem, etc.  My hope is that the Holy Spirit will use my poems and prayers to affect you as this Pastor’s District paper moved me.

You can preview my book here!


A Better Savior


More Poetry from Steve Brown

A Better Savior
Inspired by the the book of Hebrews, by the Holy Spirit, and Pastor Michael Zarling

The best Savior, Jesus is He
The best Leader, The root of Jesse

The best covenant, His pact is key
The best tabernacle
Worshiping in spirit and truth; can we all agree?

The best mediator, The one appointee
The best focus, The man hung on the tree

The best access, Through the trinity three
The best sympathizer, For all sinners to see

The best resurrection, Now He is free
The best Savior, For you, for me.

Lifestyle Worship – The Book

“Lifestyle Worship” – The Book!

I am very excited to announce the release of my book titled “LifestyleLifestyle Worship Cover Worship – Poems, Prayers & Ministry Resources.”

The book contains the very best of “Worship Ideas You Can Use” together with the stories and inspiration behind the writings as well as lots of new material. This book has been six grace-filled years in the making.

I have heard that a writer only writes one pure book, and it’s always his or her first. I can tell you that this book is written from my heart.

In the book you will read:
– the story of my “calling”
– a special poem I wrote for my Pastor,
– prayers for friends and family
– inspirational pieces written as a result of conversations with some of you!

You can read a few excerpts and learn more about the book here:

Lifestyle Worship: Poems, Prayers & Ministry Resources

The E-book is being introduced at a special rate of $0.99! The paperback version should be available in a few weeks!

Where is Your Faith?

Where is Your Faith?

Some say, “I will believe it when I see it!”  Such a lack of faith.

So where is your Faith?

Mine is tiny.  No bigger than a mustard seed.  But Jesus says it is enough to move mountains.  Mountains!  It’s not the amount that’s important, it’s the focus.  The mustard seed is enough, so take a step of faith and believe that much.

What is your mountain that needs to be moved?  A mountainous schedule? Mountainous debt? Mountainous grief?  A job layoff?  Divorce?  Pain? Suffering?  Brokenness? Sickness? Addictions?  Welcome to the club.  You are not alone.  You’re never alone.  You can still have this minuscule mustard seed of faith to move those mountains.  It is enough!

Faith exists!
Faith is real!
Faith is powerful!
Faith is the thread of fabric that holds your life together!
Faith sees things from a different perspective.
Faith deals with things unseen, things that are not obvious.
Faith is a living thing.
Faith is acting on your beliefs.
Faith has a certitude about it that brings comfort and calmness to your heart.
Faith trusts that God is at work.
Faith is voiced through praise.
Faith trusts God in the dark and knows that there is no darkness that the Father’s love cannot penetrate.
Faith trusts God above reason and circumstances.
Faith trusts that God knows what is best for you.
Faith is more than just believing in God. It’s about trusting in Him, even when there is no evidence that you should.

It is faith that carries us through the storms of life.
It is faith that causes us to know we can do it!
It is faith that stirs us to get up and try again..

God put faith into you.  He is taking your faith somewhere exciting.  Places you never knew it could go.  He is developing faith in you that does not have to rely on touch or sight.  He is perfecting your faith.

By faith we reach God.
By faith we become conscious of God.
By faith we get answers from God.
By faith our problems are resolved.

All this being said, you don’t need more faith.  Remember that mustard seed!  You need more of God and faith will become automatic.