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Reformation 500

Reformation 500

It was the end of a new beginning
When Magellan sailed the world spinning
And the Guttenberg presses started printing

A man was to be forged in God’s furnace ablaze
Hammered on an anvil into an unlikely instrument of praise
Whose effect would outlast a half millennia of days

1517 was that pinnacle year
When Martin Luther and scripture so tightly adhere
Inspired to make God’s word so crystal clear

He nailed his beliefs to the castle church door
Such courage and faith bent on God’s word to restore
Passerbys could not, would not, ignore

The hand of God was felt that October day
History had changed; 95 thesis, the communique
Prodded along by the monk who did passionately pray

Praying from matins to vespers to compline
Cloistered in a tiny cell, alone and in confine
Repenting into a state of madness; grief and relief combine

Translating the Bible, for generations to come and to own
A mighty seed had indeed been sown
When Martin Luther made his heart known

Leaning on scripture alone
Driven by faith alone
Saved by grace alone
To God be the glory alone

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Responsive Luther Prayer

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Responsive Luther Prayer

P:         Behold, Lord, an empty vessel that needs to be filled.
C:        My Lord, fill it.

P:         I am weak in the faith; strengthen me.
C:        I am cold in love; warm me and make me fervent that my love may go out to my neighbor.

P:         I do not have a strong or firm faith; at times I doubt and am unable to trust you altogether.
C:        O Lord, help me and strengthen my faith and trust in you.

– Martin Luther


The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

About two years ago, my sister’s 18 year old son was seriously ill in the hospital.  Everyone in the family, and many friends (including my church), were praying for him.  As it turns out, my wife’s sister-in-law is a dispatcher for a national trucking company.  Somehow she got word out to all of her truckers (and there’s hundreds of them) that there was a sick young man that needed their prayers.  The next thing we knew, there were truckers all over the US talking to each other on their CB radios spreading the word about the boy that needed their prayers.  My nephew is completely recovered today.  Several months after the incident; I was reminded how sick he was when I saw his fingers and asked “what happened to your finger nails?”  Each one, all 10 without exception, had ridges and were essentially cut in half about mid-way out from his cuticles.  I don’t know the medical reasons for this but it appears to me that they actually stopped growing during his illness and then restarted at a later date.

As I think back on this event; I am reminded of something that Martin Luther once said:

“Finally, mark this, that you must always make the AMEN strong, never doubting that God is surely listening to you with all grace and saying YES to your prayer.   Remember that you are not kneeling or standing there alone, but that all Christendom, all devout Christians are standing there with you and you with them in one unanimous, united prayer which God cannot ignore.  And never leave off praying without having said or thought: There now, this prayer has been heard by God; this I know of a certainty.  That is what ‘Amen’ means.”

Martin Luther, from the MINISTERS’ PRAYER BOOK, edited by John W. Doberstein, Muehlenberg Press, no date, p.443

Faith is telling a mountain to move and being shocked only when it doesn’t!