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Prayer – Show Us

Prayer – Show Us

P:         Jesus, You did everything to show us both your love and your Father’s love.
C:        You became a small dependent child to show us yourself in your weakness

P:         You became a refugee in Egypt to show us your solidarity with all who are driven from their homes
C:        You grew up in obedience to your parents to show us your adherence to the commandments

P:         You worked for many years as a simple carpenter to show us that you wanted to be with us in our daily work
C:        You were tempted in the desert to show us how to resist the forces of evil around us

P:         You surrounded yourself with disciples to show us how to share our vision with others and to work together in ministry
C:        You preached the word of God to show us truth and how to become, ourselves, witnesses to truth

P:         You healed the sick and raised the dead to show us that you have power over death
C:        You were transfigured to show us your divine splendor

P:         You went the long road of suffering and death to show us that you love us and that you have redeemed us
C:        Lord, bring us closer to You and reveal to us, the boundless love that is in your heart.  Amen. 

– based on the prayers of Henri Nouwen

(Slightly reworded and put into a responsive format)