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Outreach in Haiti – Go WELS!

Outreach in Haiti – Go WELS!

This is the best WELS Connection video I have ever seen.   Note how this WELS Pastor is playing Haitian praise music by drumming on a 5 gallon pail!  I just love to see our Missionaries using music that is culturally relevant to the people that they are trying to reach.  This is going to be effective!!!

A DVD of Hymns is available

Integrity Worship has just released a new worship video of hymns.   These are DVDs that can be used in worship for congregational singing.  They are especially handy when you are without an organist.  Details of the DVD are available here:

The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes are contained in Matthew 5:2-12.  This video of the Beatitudes was made possible with the help of WELS musician Michael Schroeder and is presented here with his permission.  Thanks Michael for sharing your song!

The video actually starts in silence for the first 40 seconds, so don’t turn up your speakers.

You can learn more about Michael Schroeder and his band here:

Or at his myspace page:

And here’s his band members:


SCOTT BREAULT: ( Guitars )

DEB KNUTSON: ( Keys & Vocals)


MICHAEL SCHROEDER (Vocals, Keys, & Guitars)

Michael is a member at St. Paul’s in Wis. Rapids, WI

Music Videos

Several people have asked me for a good source of music videos to use as sing-a-longs either in worship or at youth events.  These are great, especially if you have limited instrumentalists in your congregation.  I have found the best videos to be produced by Integrity Worship.  They have several families of music videos but the “iworship at home” series seems to offer the “best bang for the buck.”  For about $15, you can buy one DVD that contains a half dozen or so professionally recorded song videos with lyrics to sing along with.  You can purchase these at your local Christian Bookstore and on-line at (search on “iworship at home”)


You can also see the full line up of Integrity music videos at their website:


You can view individual songs at this website:

One note of caution, please review the songs prior to usage and make sure that the lyrics are in line with your doctrinal beliefs.  I have found most of these songs to be good, but I have not seen all of the DVDs.