Lifestyle Worship – the Book

Poems, Prayers and Ministry Resources
Poems, Prayers and Ministry Resources

Lifestyle Worship – Poems, Prayers and Ministry Resources
by Steve Brown

I give all credit to my Lord, my Creator, my mentor, my teacher, my comforter and my Savior who gifts, who blesses and who inspires me!

“Lifestyle Worship – Poems, Prayers & Prose” is a journey in faith.  For me, it is a journey that started over six years ago and continues to this day.

This is a book for those who lead worship and also for every Christian who wants to worship God more fully. Let your faith be strengthened by the Spirit who dwells within as you read “Lifestyle Worship – Poems, Prayers, and Prose.”

A Verb, Worshippers, We Need a Verb!
The church needs a “new song.” It always needs a new song. Each generation of worshipers has to pass the torch to the next generation. We must not become complacent. It is our responsibility to write the next “Amazing Grace.”

God gives us all experiences and builds our faith as we grow closer to Him. We worship, we rejoice, we cry, we praise, we mourn, we laugh, we sing, we pray, we bow, we lift our hands, we commune, we baptize, we offer and we give thanks. These are our “verbs.”

I have come full circle in my knowledge, my faith, and my worship of God. This book is my journey. It is a journey of faith. I invite you to read it slowly and stroll with me on a journey of faith. My prayer is that it will encourage you, it will help you, and that through it, the Holy Spirit will open your heart and mind so that your faith might also be strengthened.

What others are saying:
“I’m praying that God uses you as a tool in our Synod.” – Heidi Martz

“I cannot thank you enough for sharing your faith and your music with the public. You have been inspiring me for years now.” – Christy Kimball

“Your site, Steve, has been a blessing to us.” – Jeanette Zimmerman

“God gifts you, he places you, and he gives passion about things.  A light is not meant to be hidden.  So shine clear and bright friend.  But I have to say that the best thing about how you present yourself is that you do it with such humility and respect for others.  You understand that too abrasive of an argument ruins the point.  It is after all, about people and not winning your point.  I really appreciate that about you and your example is continuing to encourage me to do the same.  Thanks!  God please, some day I would love to play some music and even worship with you.  Not sure how that would ever happen in this life, but it would be fun. If not, I am confident the Master would provide a couple of old vets with guitars in heaven.  There we will all play like Phil Keaggy.  Can’t wait.
– Pastor Steve Soukup

Link to Purchase:
Lifestyle Worship: Poems, Prayers & Ministry Resources

Sample Chapter:

 Sender, Sent, Sending
Water, ice and steam; three forms of one compound. The egg, the yoke, and the shell. We have heard them all in Sunday school as metaphors for the Trinity. They all seem so earthly and empty don’t they? “Sender, Sent, Sending” is another way of thinking about the Triune God. I hope you can relate to it.

God the Father,
God the Son,

God the Spirit,
God is a relationship:
Father, Son and Spirit.

God the Father is the sender,
He sent Jesus.
Jesus is the sent.
Born of flesh into this beautiful world.

The Holy Spirit has also been sent,
but is now sending.
He is sending you into this wonderful world.
You are not ordinary.

You are extraordinary .
Because the Spirit is in you.
That’s your call.
That’s your mission.

You are now sent.
Sent to do God’s will.
Sent to do God’s work.
Sent to speak the words of the sender.

Please know that wherever you are and whatever you are doing – you were sent there!


The Paraclete
I do not know the origin of the word “paraclete.” But I came across it one day and it moved me. It moved me because I’ve been calling the third person of the trinity either the “Holy Spirit” or the “Holy Ghost” for most of my life. Where has this word been hiding? Why have I never heard a Pastor use it? This poem is my definition of “the Paraclete.”

He is Comforter.
He is Helper.
He is Counselor.
He is Friend.

Sent by the Father.
He comes to empower.
The Paraclete.
He is always with us.

He is always available.
He brings consolation to broken hearts.
He is the balm in Gilead.
He is more than comfort.

He is strength.
He comes to ensure victory.
The Paraclete.
He works for our sanctification.

He is the path to holiness.
He is the Spirit of truth.
He inspired the book.
He illumines the scriptures.

He awakens the senses.
He is called to stand beside us.
The Paraclete.
He works within the Word.

He works with the Word.
He works through the Word.
The Paraclete.


It’s the Holy Spirit

Make no mistake who inspires this poetry!

I know it’s the Holy Spirit
Who causes my eyes to see
He warms my heart
And inspires this poetry

For in Christ, I am enriched
In knowledge and in speech
For He expands my senses
He inspires, and He’ll teach

I know it’s the Holy Spirit
That makes the living waters flow
So I write this poetry often
When the wonder just seems to flow


The Helper

Yes, there is room for one more Holy Spirit poem! By Steve & Bob Brown

Jesus calls him the “helper”
For into truth, He’ll guide
He actually indwells your being
Yes, he’s there on your inside

And unto the body of Christ
He baptizes and He’ll seal
Until the second coming
His presence will be very real

He will fill your heart
With the God that you yearn
He will bring to memory
All the things you need to learn

He will also empower you
To witness, to solve, to pray
As He quickens your spirit
Each and every day!

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Email: sjbrown58 “at” yahoo “dot” com
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 Other Publications:

  1. Rev Magazine, May/June 2007, “Speaking in Tongues”, page 78
  2. Reformed Worship journal, June 2010, “Two Thanksgiving Litanies”

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