Biblical Poetry of Bob Brown

Seated Above, Looking Below

I SeeSeated High Book Cover

(See Eph 3:8-9; “Spiritual sight is awesome”)

 Daniel saw the Kingdoms,
Isaiah saw the throne,
Jacob saw a ladder,
Ezekiel saw dry bones. 

Moses saw the burning bush,
Noah saw the rain,
Ezra saw the scriptures,
Jeremiah saw the pain.

John the beloved, saw the future,
Peter saw the call
Paul, the great one, saw his visions,
And Jesus saw it all.

The Christ came, lived, and died,
In order to set men free,
I once was lost, now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.


Here in SilenceBob's Profile Photo

(Based on Isaiah 30:15)

Here in silence,
Not yet in sleep.
The deep is calling,
Unto the deep. 

And across my conscience,
The Lord does prod.
“Be still and know”,
“That I am God.”

 Yes!! Here in my silence,
Meditations, live!
In His peace, I sense,
That which the world cannot give.

He’s now my depth,
My width, my length.
In quietness and confidence,
He’s become my strength.


Five Loaves, Two Fishes

He took five loaves of bread,
And just two fishes.
But could He really,
Multiply the dishes?

Then looking up to heaven,
He gave a silent thanks.
And He had the people sit,
By hundreds, and by ranks.

Upon the grassy hills,
The miracle occurred.
According to the Gospel,
According to God’s Word.

Jesus of Nazareth,
Fulfilled 5000 wishes,
With five loaves of bread,
And just two fishes.


The Christ Will Come

The Christ will come,
For all to see.
At the end of time,

No one can guess,
The moment or hour,
Of the revealing,
Of heavenly power.

And yet, He comes,
By divine design.
To His own,
Each moment in time.
The Christ that dwells,
So deep within.
Him in them,
And them in Him.



Gideon had only 300
David, a sling and a stone
Paul, had only himself
Samson, only a jawbone.

Abraham, had only a calling
Isaac, only a laugh
Peter, only a fishing net
Moses, only a staff.

Ezekiel, had only a UFO
Jeremiah, only his youth
John, had only Revelation
Noah, only the truth.

Jesus had only His father
The church, only the Son
And I, have only to believe
That the victory’s already won.



Peter was just a fisherman
Jonah, just a defector
Joshua was just a slave
Matthew, a tax collector.

Paul was just a tent-maker
Ezra, just a priest
Nehemiah was just a builder
Gideon, the least of least.

Abel, was just a farmer
Luke, just a healer
Noah was just a wine bibber
Jacob, just a stealer

Moses was just a coward
Saul, just too tall
David was just a Shepherd
But God, used them all


The Ember

If the ember rises,
Up to the sky,
Away from the fire,
It will flicker and die.

But if that ember,
Dances a lot,
Within the flames,
It will stay hot.

And if the Christians,
In pride, rises high,
Like the ember,
He too, will die.

The church is there,
To warm and inspire,
So embers stay,
Within the fire.



I labor with His energy, which powerfully works in me – Col 1:29

Moses came down the mountain
Above the people, He’d tower
His face had an unearthly glow
His presence had a power

David was a warrior king
Who’s mind would also flower
For he wrote the beautiful psalms
With God, he had a power

The Apostle Paul was the vessel
To make the spirit shower
The birth of the church, miracles
A man infused with power

The Holy Spirit beckons us
To consider this final hour
That with the saints of the ages
We too, can live in power


Jesus Lives Today

Jesus lives today
But not within a book
He lives within your heart
If you’ll only look

He’s not confined to a body
That was nailed to a pole
He’s been lifted in elevation
To make the universe whole

He’s not necessarily in church
For wrote the great Apostle Paul
“My Christ is my life,
And He’s my all in all.”

Jesus lives today
Let’s box Him up, never
For He remains the same
Yesterday, Today and Forever!



My steps have been order
The Lord has set me apart
And so I walk in the spirit
For He has touched my heart

He’ll never leave or forsake
He’s with me to the end
He’s closer than a brother
And He now calls me “Friend.”

He redeems my life from destruction
And He forgives mine iniquity
He heals all my diseases
And He sets my spirit free

All things work for the good
As He enlarges my spaces
Faithfully He calls, and will do
And lines fall unto pleasant places


His Eyes

His eyes first saw Mary
And her enlightened face
Then they looked at Joseph
And that primitive manger place

He’d grow to see the villages
Of Nazareth and Gallilee
And yet He’d seen them before
Before, in eternity

His eyes would see the lilies
And the sparrows when they call
The mountains, seas and forests
For He created them all

He also saw the people
And came to set them free
And somehow in His foresight
His eyes, they looked at me.


Odd for God

Noah built an ark
Because the Lord did prod
And to a pre-flood world
He sure looked odd for God.

Abraham journeyed far
Across the ancient sod
And to all his family
He sure looked odd for God

Moses led a nation
With only a staff, a rod
And to the chosen people
He sure looked odd for God

We are fools for Christ’s sake
After He gives us His nod
To walk now in the spirit
And to be so, odd for God



And I saw a new Jerusalem
Descending from above
A city of perfection
A mansion of His love.

The walls were of emeralds
The streets, transparent gold
And there was no sunshine
For His glory did unfold.

The gates were of pearls
The foundations, precious stone
And throughout this kingdom
Ecstasy was shown

There was a crystal river
In this blessed Holy place
But the best, was when I looked
Into my Redeemer’s smiling face.


The Eagle

(based on Isaiah 40:31 and Proverbs 30:19)

Without effort
He seems to soar
The eagle’s way
I do adore

He spreads his wings
Up in the sky
There he is
On currents, high

And I too
Can mount above
On the currents
Of God’s love

Like the eagle
Oh so free
In the spirit

He Taught

He taught in parables
Simple, yet profound
Like a sower of seeds
Deep in the ground

He taught the beatitudes
Blessed are the meek
And a kingdom within
He told us to seek

He taught about life
And the law of love
He taught about the future
And about His God above

He taught in a way
To make us all see
And the people were astonished
At His authority


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One thought on “Biblical Poetry of Bob Brown”

  1. The poems are beautiful. Powerful for an adult to fully appreciate and simple enough for a child to understand! We will be reading them in Sunday School, and them using them as a spring board for the lesson held within.


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